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Carolyn, Gary, Dakota and Sierra Roller
in front of their Placitas Gallery,
Roller R Studio and Gallery.
Photo by Bill Diven

The idea of enriching lives through the visual and entertainment arts provides the vital pool of inspiration from which Gary Roller draws his dynamic creative energies. Like the various spokes of a wheel, reaching in all directions from its hub, Roller expresses that energy through a variety of creative mediums which touch the lives of people throughout the world. Roller believes that the goal of art should be to touch the viewer. "Successful art imparts deep personal insights, awakens love, and gives a deeper understanding of life," he says.

Drawing upon the realistic and inspirational backdrops of the New Mexico, Roller blends heartfelt vision with the skill of the sculptor to model images that enrich the lives of people worldwide Best known for depicting the various cultures of the rugged southwestern landscape, he often focuses on the spiritual life of the Native American as a powerful symbol which expresses universally understood life experiences.

Roller's love for music, and his belief in the power of music as an artform, keeps him involved in that aspect of the arts as well. Though he performs in a variety of musical configurations, he is probably best known for his longtime association with Michael Martin Murphey's Wildfire Productions. Through his appearances with Murphey in numerous performance settings, including symphony concerts and acoustic shows, Roller has devoted tremendous amounts of musical energy toward keeping country and western music traditions in front of the American public. These efforts with Murphey have been a key element in the renewed interest in Western music and culture, and have spawned national magazines, best-selling books and movies, and the advent of the Warner Western label, a division of Warner Bros. Records/Nashville. It is through some 3,500 concert performances and appearances in videos, movies and on television that Roller has developed a nationwide musical family of friends and fans, who enjoy both his music, his art, and the new ’Gary Roller Collectors Society. His drawings, paintings and sculptures are collected by celebrities including Dan Fogelberg, George Strait, R. C. Gorman, Holly Dunn, Susy Boggus, Amado Peña, The Judds, and Michael Martin, but Roller is equally proud for his art to be found in the collections of fans and friends from every walk of life.

Because of his ability to portray recognizable figures with intensity and emotion, Roller is often called upon to create tributes to well known and beloved personalities. His tribute to John Wayne was chosen by Texas Governor Bill Clements to be the official memorial from all the citizens of Texas. The bronze bust was presented to the actor's family on behalf of the State of Texas. A bust of Walt Disney , another of Roller's influences, is on display at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and serves as an attraction which celebrates Disney’s creative genius. Roller's tributes to outstanding authors and world teachers can be found throughout the global community. It is his hope that the images will encourage people to open to greater possibilities and offer light on their path of personal development. His work serves as focal points in schools, churches, community centers, businesses, parks and even entire communities.

Roller has collaborated with fellow New Mexico artist Amado Peña in presenting cast paper images from the artist’s Albuquerque gallery, El Taller. He did a series of eight limited edition images with Peña, and two bronzes, Tres del Puebo in 1992, which sold out its limited edition, and Caballito de las Americas, which was released in 1993. Both cast paper and bronzes combine Pena's Mestizo characters with Roller's use of wax. It is the first time either has worked so closely with another artist to develop a new piece of art.

Gary was honored by his hometown high school, Tascosa, which voted him into its Rebel Hall of Fame for encouraging young people to develop their potential and realize their dreams. One of his bronzes is on display at Tascosa High.

Currently Gary is blending his love of sound with sculptures in a series of fountains. The works have been enthusiastically received by his collectors.

Gary Roller
Toll free number: 1-800-609-7655


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