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Phil Messuri and Chip Stites

Phil Messuri and Chip Stites

Stites and Messuri expand financial planning to Placitas

Phil Messuri, MS, CFP, and Chip Stites, CFP, recently merged their financial planning practices. Their firm, Stites and Messuri Investment and Planning, LLC, offers thorough financial analysis, investment management, insurance integrated as part of a financial plan, and retirement, estate, and business-succession planning.

Phil and Chip have over forty years of combined management and financial services experience. Chip cut his teeth in the insurance and banking world before becoming an independent financial planner. Phil had a career as an Air Force officer, followed by eight years managing technical projects for two technology firms before entering the financial services arena.

In addition to their office on Academy Boulevard in Albuquerque, Stites and Messuri have expanded their practice to the La Puerta Realty office in Placitas.

Their approach to financial planning entails the use of the Certified Financial Planner Professional six-step process that goes from gaining a very broad understanding of their client’s situation to putting a plan in place and then following up with regular reviews. The Certified Financial Planner Professional Board’s certification process is designed to assure the public that individuals authorized to use its trademark have met education, examination, and experience requirements to provide personalized financial planning advice and are committed to high ethical standards.

 “We always offer a complimentary meeting or two,” Phil explained. “This gives us a chance to get to know each other. Our first objective is to understand the things that are important to you, the client. We want you to understand how we operate and to learn what you can expect from us.”

Phil and his wife, Diann, have lived in Placitas for over thirteen years. Phil has been a a board member in the La Mesa subdivision Homeowner Association and Water Cooperative. Additionally, he is the treasurer of the Greater Bernalillo Chamber of Commerce and has just concluded his sixteenth year on the Sandia Peak Ski Patrol.

For more information or to make an appointment, call Stites and Messuri at 856-0350.

Anita Griego points to shelves of homemade candy in her new

Anita Griego points to shelves of homemade candy in her new
Placitas Videos and More store.

Adding sweets to videos

Look for the grand opening of Placitas Videos and More at Homestead Village on the weekend of April 2, 3, and 4. A jumper gym will be out front for the kids to enjoy. Store owners Anita Griego and John Lucero say they expect local musical talent to provide entertainment. There will be introductory deals and a DVD player will be raffled off.

Placitas Videos and More opened in February, and their video inventory has grown steadily. Griego says, “This is my first time in the video-store business and I’ve found that it’s sort of a guessing game trying to figure out what people want. People have been very receptive and I hope they continue to make suggestions about my inventory, while I expand our video collection. For new releases, I usually get DVDs, because that’s what people want.”

The “and More” in the name of the store mainly refers to candy—lots of homemade candy, including truffles and many flavors of popcorn. They have dark, white, and milk chocolate, as well as candy apples dipped in caramel made from scratch. There is also a good selection of sugar-free candy. Over the Easter holiday, the store will stock seasonal candies and gift packages.

Griego has been in the candy business for fifteen years—in Taos, then in Gallup, and now in Placitas. Anita said that she is happy to have made the move to Placitas because “the mountain was calling to me and the area seemed to be crying out for movies.”

Placitas Videos and More also provides faxing and copying services. Business hours are 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the week and 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on weekends. Hours will be adjusted according to demand. For more information, call 771-3055.


Massage therapy explained

Cate Clark, LMT

There is something reassuring about the human touch. Our sense of being present in our own skin is enhanced by the nurture and certainty of the knowing hands of a skilled therapist practicing the multidisciplinary art of massage therapy.

Massage therapy for relaxation provides us with an ideal environment in which to revive and refresh our sense of well-being and help restore health and balance to our busy lives.

Increasing technology can bring a tendency for decreasing levels of body awareness. In times of comfort, one might disconnect and take the body for granted, while tensions from productivity and distraction accumulate unnoticed as stress. Therapeutic massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system: digestion and assimilation improve, breathing expands, muscle tension is released, and we ease into a state of relaxed awareness where energy is available for healing and maintaining wellness.

The dynamic counterpart to the parasympathetic is the sympathetic nervous system, the “fight or flight” response that takes immediate priority and diverts energy to meet an emergency. Stresses such as the pressures of time, traffic, or simple high maintenance and doing too much, can keep the sympathetic nervous system on alert beyond what is needed to truly address the immediate need. In the natural order, the parasympathetic activates as the sympathetic cycle completes and deactivates. In our corporate lifestyle, we can be having alarms go off all day without ever really experiencing the completed cycle and full reactivation of the parasympathetic system. A shift in attention, along with physical activities and rest, is required to fully deactivate and rest the sympathetic system.

To receive massage for relaxation is to soothe the nervous system and allow a shift in perceptual range and focus. Heightened awareness arising from deep relaxation is a state of consciousness or mind that transcends our conventional pace of life and facilitates a sense of communication between the body and the wholeness of oneself. This state of mind is a foundational aspect of many holistic health models. It is focused upon increasing wholeness and equilibrium where our energies are abundant, free, and available to pursue excellence and holistic well-being.

Cate Clark Massage Therapy in Placitas can be reached at 867-3778 or 401-4015.


There’s a lighthouse in Rio Rancho

Mary “Soliel” Kliethermes, CHt

On the initial visit to A Lighthouse in the Desert Hypnotherapy Center, new clients are exposed to unexpected and possibly life-changing information. Their eyes feast on visual evidence that points to the significance of the words we use and their potential effect on reality. Once they see with their own eyes how powerful words are, they think twice about the words they choose to speak, as well as the thoughts they hold.

Scientific experiments have been run by Dr. Masaru Emoto (Messages from Water), who researched the effects on water—which was later frozen and photographed—when directly exposed to various written words, as well as different types of music and pictures. The same control water reacts differently and profoundly to each stimulus. The more positive the word, the more beautiful and perfected the shape and the more rich the color of the frozen water crystal. A negative word produces a distorted and disfigured crystal shape with poor coloring.

Since our bodies are made mostly of water, and we know now that water reacts advantageously to positive words, what does that say about the power we hold to maintain a healthy body and mind? Through hypnotherapy, we utilize powerful positive words to achieve a desired behavior or outcome. It is strongly emphasized throughout therapy that we affect the quality of our lives with everything we expose ourselves to, positive or negative, whether it’s our own self-directed communication, our personal contacts, the media, or even gossip over the water cooler.

I believe the crucial first steps to healing and transformation include the awareness that we are creating our reality with our thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions ... and taking responsibility for it. Once that is achieved, the therapist-client team works to explore the client’s past in order to gain awareness of negative thought and belief patterns held.

My specialty is facilitating healing and personal transformation. Therapy often includes regression to sensitizing events during childhood. As young children, we take in everything we hear, everything we experience, and those memories, good and bad, are held in our subconscious mind. Some of these experiences can translate into misbeliefs about the self and the world and can run us like a computer program, well into adult life.

Once negative events are acknowledged and released, they no longer remain part of the “software” that helps shape our experience and reality. The misbeliefs are substituted with positive programming, and that’s when real transformation begins.

Clients quickly realize the work is not about constant rehashing of old painful events. Therapy at the Lighthouse is about forgiving and healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

For those interested in an alternative to therapy, gently guided meditations for, but not limited to, physical and mental relaxation, tapping one’s inner wisdom, and creating an abundant life are also available.

As we consciously heal ourselves, we heal our planet. The path to healing and transformation takes courage and a forgiving heart. The rewards are endless. Message from Water tells us to look inside ourselves. The practice of hypnotherapy asks of us precisely the same.

A Lighthouse in the Desert’s new location is 2009 Grande Boulevard, Suite 4, across from Intel and behind Haynes Park in Rio Rancho. A complimentary twenty-minute introductory session is offered to new clients. Weekday and Saturday appointments are available by calling 730-2018.

Mary “Soliel” Kliethermes, CHt, is the resident clinical hypnotherapist at A Lighthouse in the Desert.

Computer Business

I haven’t been myself lately

Gary W. Priester

If you are on my mailing list, you probably received an urgent message recently. And if you did, you may have been introduced to a new term and a fairly new concept regarding e-mail. The term is “spoofing.”

Spoofing is a devious process that fraudulently uses a legitimate e-mail address, such as yours or mine, as the sender (FROM:) for spam and virus-infected messages. So you may get a message that says it came from me, or from a friend, or even a trusted company like Microsoft or Disney, while in fact the message may not be from me, or any of the above, but is spoofing these e-mail addresses and domain names to get you to open the message.

Looking in my e-mail in-box, I see I have a message from SEGA Corp. with the Subject “Matrix: The Game.” Cool. I love games. And there is an attachment. I also see that my good friends at Disney, busy though they are fending off takeover bids, have sent me free Disney screen savers. Wow! And just below that is a message with Valentine screen savers. Must be my lucky day!

A company called GC Software is sending a message with the attachment “GC Chat Networks.” And here's one from Microsoft demanding I install this IE 6 patch immediately! And these are just a few that came into my in-box in the last hour or so.

Open any of these messages without up-to-date virus protection and your computer could be toast. Or you might become the unwilling distributor of more of these messages to everyone in your address book. Each of these messages contains either a virus-infected attachment, or worse, an automatic self-activating virus that starts affecting your computer the moment you open the message. This is scary stuff.

But wait, it gets worse. What prompted my urgent message is that a few weeks ago, I started getting a slew of these messages from my own e-mail address and my own domain name. Ouch! Now, I am very, very careful and I update my virus DAT data files at least once a week, and more often as needed. And once a week I do a scan of my entire hard drive. So I was fairly confident these messages did not spew forth from my computer. But if not from me, from where?

It is very hard to track these miscreants down. But looking at a few of the message headers (this is information generally hidden when you view an e-mail message) I noticed in the second Received From: address two e-mail addresses in Albuquerque. I contacted both Internet service providers, gave them a copy of the message with the complete message headers, and maybe it's a coincidence, but the messages appear to have stopped. I may or may not have gotten lucky. Time will tell.

    Scam Watch

Other scams making the rounds these days are spoofed messages from your Internet service provider, your bank, your credit card company, and others claiming damage to their computers and asking you to verify your account information. You click a link and are taken to the sender’s site and asked to confirm your account information, including your credit card number and other personal information. Don’t! These sites look real, but they are spoofed. The Web addresses appear to be real, but they are not. Want proof? Visit This is just a good example of what looks to be a legitimate address but obviously is not. Any respectable ISP, credit card company, bank, etc., is not going to ask for your information over the Internet unsolicited (unless you are applying at a secure site). These folks put up their look-alike sites, send out a million SPAM messages with the link, take the first couple hundred credit card numbers they get, and are off to the Bahamas before anyone can shut them down.

What can you do? Be suspicious. If you get a message and it seems suspicious, delete it at once. If it is from a friend, contact that friend and ask if they sent you the message. If they say yes, ask them to resend the message and include something in the subject line to prove it is from them. The name of their dog, for example. If you get one of these messages asking you to confirm your account information, contact the alleged sender using a phone number—not from the Web site—and report it.

I have said this before but it bears saying again and again. Make sure you have up-to-date virus protection on your computer. Especially if it is a Windows computer. Macs are more immune. Having a virus protection program on your computer is virtually useless if you do not keep your virus definition files (DATS) up-to-date. Thirty dollars or so spent on a good virus protection application such as Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee Virus Scan is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new computer, not to mention the possible loss of all your computer files.

There. I feel better now that I have warned you. More like myself, in fact.






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