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Dawn Wilson-Enoch - Photograph by Bill Diven


I've lived in Placitas for 8 years, and have been doing visionary art painting and drawing for over 20 years, having started out as an illustrator. More recently I've explored various three-dimensional techniques with shamanic themes, such as the medicine bag, and art dolls. My strongest focus in 3-D in the moment is with talismanic jewelry, and of course I continue painting and drawing as well. I am starting up a holistic healing business here in Placitas this year as I practice a number of modalities in that area, but see it as an extension of my work as an artist. All of my work is done with the intention of healing or restoring the balance between the visible world and the spiritual world, with a strong influence from the desert environment.

In terms of career as an artist or exhibiting, my path has been largely experimental and exploratory since leaving professional illustration some years back. It is becoming more professional in orientation now, but I do not have anything in galleries at the moment. I have sold through Chalk Farm Gallery in Santa Fe and had work in Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque in the past. I've won numerous awards for illustrative personal work in the 80s, and participated in various invitational museum shows, etc. In the metaphysical community I'm fairly well known for a pair of prints of paintings of the old Egyptian goddess, Hathor. I was in the Placitas Studio Tour last year and will be again this year as SaltDance Studio. I do not yet have a Website, sorry to say, but hope to rectify that soon.

To sum up, my work and where one might see it is fairly diverse. Let me know if you have any more questions. I think it's wonderful how the Signpost is supporting the arts community here, by the way, and the featured artist articles have always been great fun to read, especially when I know the artists! I always learn something new, as the writing isn't superficial, nor is it pretentious.


Dawn Wilson Enoch
SaltDance Studio
01 Sage Hill Drive
Placitas, NM 87043

Studio visits by appointment only
Phone: 505-771-0717

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