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Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association

—Chris Daul

ES-CA has been working with a number of organizations within Sandoval County to have regulations put in place for any oil-and-gas drilling operations. ES-CA sent a letter to the County requesting a moratorium on reviewing any new applications until an ordinance is in place. Commissioner James Dominguez, who was in attendance at the ES-CA Board meeting of March 7, stated that the County Commission will be discussing both a moratorium and an ordinance at a special work session scheduled for March 28. It was noted that Thrust Energy claims there may be eight hundred million barrels of oil in the area around Rio Rancho. ES-CA believes that it is essential that a well-drafted ordinance be adopted by the County and has offered to work with the County in the drafting process.

The current pipelines that run through Placitas continue to be an issue of concern. ES-CA is continuing to work with the pipeline companies in an effort to insure the safety and integrity of the lines. ES-CA president Ed Majka recently met with Enterprise officials to discuss maintenance work that they will be doing. He noted that Enterprise would be meeting with the County Fire Department as well. ES-CA believes that the best avenue for insuring pipeline safety is to work with the NMPRC and the pipeline companies.

Concerning the ongoing litigation with Lafarge (Vulcan), Sandoval County has added Vulcan and Cal Mat as defendants to the lawsuit. ES-CA has been asking the County to do new inspections at the site and issue violation notices if appropriate. Relating to air monitoring concerns, NMED has selected a site for air monitoring and will be installing equipment.

The BLM’s Resource Management Plan for the Buffalo Tract is supposed to be released very soon. Placitas residents will have to act quickly in submitting their comments. A flyer will be sent to residents as soon as the RMP is released. It has been reported that the Governor will take the full sixty days to review.

ES-CA will be holding its annual meeting on June 11 and a Candidates Forum on September 10. Information will be sent out in advance and all are welcome to attend.

The District 4 seat on the ES-CA Board was filled at the last meeting with the appointment of John McNerney to fill the term of Tony Hull, who had resigned due to his travel schedule. The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 4, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at the Placitas Fire Station.

The highway cleanup is scheduled for April 23.

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