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Meg Fox - Sandoval Signpost Featured Artist August 2005

All Is Not Gold That Glitters, a collage named after a Russian proverb,
hangs on the wall behind Meg Fox.

Signpost artist of the month: Meg Fox

Collaging the present

Bill Diven

Digital artist Meg Fox felt her passion for the violin fading as the childhood joy of music gave way to student competitions and the career of a union musician playing through the fantasyland of Hollywood.

“I can remember being a little kid and being surrounded by the orchestra,” Fox, who took up classical violin at age five, said. “How beautiful it was.

“Then the competitions became a game of ladders and pedestals.”

On the surface, she won the game, working steadily through the seventies and eighties, occasionally as a concertmaster leading studio orchestras assembled to back bands and singers or to record movie soundtracks. If not for a string of incidents—from the sublime to the tragic—she might still be there, or not be here at all.

It began with a personal protest, resisting the desire for a newer, flashier car and instead urging Jim Fox, her musician husband, to replace his small pickup with a heftier SUV. Then a recording session for the movie Godfather III ended after midnight with two violinists in a fight and Fox wondering where her career was going.

Riding home in Jim’s day-old SUV, the couple struck a jackknifing tractor-trailer in a freeway accident that would have crushed their other vehicles. Her injuries kept her from playing professionally for four years, but led first to a computer for desktop design work and then to classes in drawing with colored pencils.

That combination, the technical and the artistic, connected to her youth and her mother, a composer whose compositions included one of the first electronic instruments driven by a wall-sized computer.

“I was studying classical violin and she was into electronic music mixed with classical elements,” Fox said. “That's exactly how I feel about digital collages.”

Discovering an Internet artists’ site provided the final spark, and Fox felt the creative passion returning.

Each collage element has its roots in reality, starting as photo, drawing, typography, calligraphy, or textures of paper or fabric—all scanned into her computer. There the images can be shaped, mixed, layered, and colored until the parts become a complicated whole, some layers more obvious than others.

The result can be playful, with humorous references to Hollywood and musical jokes. Others are darker, reflecting deaths and illnesses or touching on a theme of doors and the secrets hiding behind them.

Fox currently is experimenting with three-dimensional assemblages incorporating her collages, and she is pondering digital display using the depth computer colors instead of printer inks. “Instead of paper, the collages would use light,” she said.

After twenty years of visits to Placitas, Fox and her husband moved to Placitas last year, as events, a desire to be closer to family, and a spontaneous home purchase coincided. And she no longer believes in coincidences.

“You just listen and watch like you can do here,” she said. “I want to be in the present moment and study the distorted reality we walk around in.”

While she has shown and sold her work in California, Fox is establishing her studio here. Her work can be seen in this month’s Signpost Featured Artist Gallery.


Call for entries in Corrales

Artists are called to enter the Seventeenth Annual Fine Crafts Show, a New Mexico crafts exhibition and sale in Corrales at the historic Old San Ysidro Church, December 2 through 11. All fine-craft media are eligible. Jurying will take place on August 24, and entries will be accepted prior to August 20. There is a $30 entry fee. For details, call Hope Grey at 897-3942 or Deb. Kennedy at 344-2119.


Tribal Transformation Live 05

On August 19, a community health, healing, and music fair is coming to Albuquerque. Tribal Transformations Live 05 will take place at the historic Wool Warehouse at 516 First Street NW. Kanal will be playing magical tribal music and the reggae band Mystic Vision will also be there. Doors open at 2:00 p.m. For more information, call 268-5504.


In the Gallery ©2005 Rudi Klimpert


Placitas Artists Series offers community outreach

Gary Libman
Placitas Artists Series

This is the time of year when the Placitas Artists Series solicits contributions and season-ticket subscriptions for our upcoming concerts and visual art exhibits. Look for our information in your mail soon. [Also, see the PAS ad on page two of this issue of the Signpost.]

It's important to remember, as you make your decision, that one benefit of your financial support is the work that the Placitas Artists Series does in the PAS Community Outreach Program. The Outreach Program has one primary goal: to reach as many students as possible in Sandoval County, and to give those students positive experiences in classical music, theater, and dance. For example, concerts are brought to Placitas Elementary School, Bernalillo elementary schools, mid-school, and high school, and six area pueblos and their elementary and mid-schools. Our goal is to reach young minds and to expand their perception of the word “classical” and what it can mean to them.

Last season the PAS Educational Outreach Program, under the leadership of PAS board member Vangie Dunmire, set up and arranged for fifteen performances in the schools and pueblos, with offerings of classical music, jazz, theatre, and dance, etc. The feedback from the schools has been excellent, and the students are always very enthused by the performers and performances. Who knows if this type of early exposure to the classics and jazz may lead to future budding musicians, actors, and artists in our area?

We have an exciting program lined up for the 2005–06 season as well. You can help these programs by your continued or new support of PAS and all of the activities associated with the Placitas Artists Series.

Finally, there are many people who have recently come to our beautiful area. Please let us know who you are so we can speak with you and give you more details of our various programs. You will be delighted by what your community offers you. Contact us at 867-8080 and someone from our all-volunteer board of directors will get back to you.


“Happiness is …” features work of adopted and adoptable children

Art and poetry created by New Mexico children waiting to be adopted or who have been adopted will be displayed in a show called “Happiness is ….” The show will run August 5 to 30 at the Harwood Art Center, 1114 7th Street NW, on the southeast corner of Mountain and 7th. The artists’ reception will be from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday, August 19, in conjunction with Artscrawl. Professionals will be available at the reception to answer questions about adoption and foster parenting.

“Happiness is …” was established to help connect children in foster care with families searching for children to adopt. Supporting organizations include The Adoption Exchange, CYFD, Wendy’s, WHF Technologies, and digital art gallery.


College of Santa Fe to offer filmmaking scholarships

In support of Governor Bill Richardson’s initiative to enhance New Mexico’s film industry, the College of Santa Fe announced today that beginning in fall 2006 the college will offer ten annual renewable $10,000 scholarships to New Mexico students who wish to pursue filmmaking as a career. The creation of the scholarship comes on the heels of the $1 million allocation from the state to the college’s film program last month.

“This scholarship represents the College of Santa Fe’s continuing commitment to educating native New Mexicans in film and all other disciplines,” says Dr. Mark Lombardi, CSF provost and interim president. “We honor the governor’s initiative and trust that New Mexican students will benefit greatly from receiving the finest film education in the United States.”

“I congratulate the College of Santa Fe for this important initiative that directly supports our efforts to produce films written by New Mexicans, directed by New Mexicans, and made by New Mexicans,” said Governor Richardson.  “We have had great success in growing our film industry, and through opportunities like the scholarship program, the college is helping ensure that efforts to grow our film industry first and foremost benefit New Mexicans—in terms of jobs and in terms of economic impact in our communities.”

The New Mexico Filmmakers Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of outstanding achievement by first-time freshmen from New Mexico who have been accepted to CSF’s Moving Image Arts Department. Careful consideration will be given to prospective scholarship recipients’ academic credentials; to be eligible, students must have an SAT score of 1100 or higher (or an ACT score of 24 or higher) as well as a cumulative high school grade point average of 3.25 or higher. To retain the scholarship for four years, recipients must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 at CSF.

The College of Santa Fe is a private liberal arts college founded in 1874. CSF is guided by its Lasallian heritage in its mission to provide and promote student centeredness, creativity, character, culture, civic capacity and shared governance. For more information, visit


    If Wish Could Dream

    Could live close to the real world
    its weird extensions of furious doubt,
    its run through glazed hypotheses
    down round the virgin splendor
    or up into rapturous clouds
    ringed with dazed auxiliaries—

    I had wanted a knowledge of time
    and its various encumbrances
    or the lift that comes full roar
    down round the ankles of the dream—

    You, dark one, running
    toward the brief wild entrance
    where we gather romantic overreach
    and come to fiercest outcry
    not once but over and over

    and thoroughly joining as if in a dance
    establishing all that wishes
    in our deep enclosing desire
    for a strange ascent
    into rare full unfoldment

                       —Bill Pearlman




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