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  My Wife and Times

Daniel Will Harris

The Sandoval Signpost (Web edition) is pleased as punch (diet punch that is) to bring you the humor and insightful human observations of Daniel Will Harris, author of My Wife and Times. —Ed].


I'm flying!

When's the last time you were weightless? Or head-over-heels? Or flying without an airplane (or chemical substances).

By Daniel Will Harris

I was upside down 18 times last Tuesday. I went from weightless to experiencing 3G's. I linked arms with a friend and we lived through a 150-foot free-fall without a net.

And you can do it, too.

You don't have to be an astronaut, or sky diver or bungee jumper. You can experience all those things at a place that's probably not too far from you. Since many of us spend a lot of our time sitting at a desk, moving mostly only our hands, sometimes it's good to go out and get all shook up.

And as much as I love the fact that our minds can now go virtually anywhere around the world—it is not the same as strapping yourself down in a roller coaster and doing loop-the-loops and corkscrews.

All of which makes you feel like a cross between a soaring bird and a rat trapped in a washing machine's spin cycle.

At this particular park there was this huge steel arch you could see from all over. Hanging from the arch was one thin metal cable. Occasionally some brave soul would dangle from this thread, be hoisted 153 feet in the air, then dropped, like a stone. They'd swing back and forth in giant arcs like the pendulum of a grandfather clock 15 stories high.

I was there with my niece, Ocea (a very mature 22), and my good friend Pete from Australia. Occasionally we'd stop and look at this thing and wonder who was crazy enough to subject themselves to it. There were no big tracks. No heavy metal supports or braces. Just this thin string, dropping you from the sky. It seemed out of place—too simple.

We watched, up close, while a person turned into a dot. Then we heard a click and they turned into a nut on a string.

Ocea, who wants to be on Survivor (and could be because she's fearless), said, "I'll do it!" Pete and I looked at each other like she was mad. She never looked scared—she just hopped into the harness, walked proudly up to the thing and waved, happily. They hoisted her in the air, dropped her, and she *flew.* When she finally reached earth again she said, "That was awesome!"

I looked at Pete and said "We *need* to do this." Pete looked at me like I was insane and cheerfully said, "OK." We decided to go as a team. We got into the harnesses, walked up to the giant arch (think McDonalds x 100), and kept asking each other, "Why are we doing this?"

Suddenly *we* were the brave-nuts, dangling from the thread, being pulled 17 stories into the air. And it was lovely. It was relaxing. Yes, it was high. Yes we were hanging on by a thread. But the view was beautiful. It was quiet. Peaceful. Not at all scary.

Then we dropped—weightless for a moment—and this, too was beautiful (even though I seem to remember saying "Holy Crap," as we fell). We were like birds swinging in huge arcs, swooping down just six feet over the grass, then flying up over the trees. It's was wonderful. Back on land, our feet still didn't touch the ground.

It reminded me that things often look a lot scarier than they really are—and sometimes what looks scary is actually bliss.

So be a brave-nut this summer, and try something you're afraid to do. It's a good change from sitting in front of a keyboard. Enjoy the ride.

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