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Jill and Bud Lollis, members of the Placitas Volunteer Fire Brigade

On Scene with PVFB

—Captain Tom

Thank you, Placitas! This last 4th of July was, once again, a fun day for the PVFB, and the community. The parade was a big success for both the spectators, and the fire department. Several members walked the whole route, passing out cards with rules and regulations for personal fireworks and asking everyone to be safe. PVFB normally sends out 4 to 5 vehicles to patrol the area on the 4th of July evening, and each one finds 2 or 3 people shooting off illegal fireworks. This year, with the extreme fire conditions, we didn’t find any violations! Thank you, Placitas.

PVFB has a diverse membership with several husband and wife teams. This month, meet Jill and Bud Lolli. The Lollis moved to Placitas from California 14 years ago, decided they would like to help the community, and seven years ago, joined PVFB. They are both trained Wildland Firefighters. Bud is also the Safety Officer. He puts on a monthly safety meeting for members and, on scene, is responsible for safety operations. Jill is an officer in PVFB Inc., which oversees funds received as donations. They are both very active members, respond to many calls, and have been part of the Top Responder group in both 2009 and 2010.

Bud and Jill retired in the last year. Bud was a machinist/toolmaker/CNC programmer. Jill was a banker and a legal assistant. They have four children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Jill enjoys reading, four wheeling, fishing, and being in the outdoors. Bud plays soccer, enjoys hunting, motorcycling, water polo, fishing, and swimming. As new retirees, they are having fun with family and grandkids—so much so, that on a recent one week trip to see the kids, they returned home one month later.

They have two memorable emergency calls. One was being pulled out of the mud and mire of a wildland fire in the bosque. The other was arriving at a home and being asked by the patient’s spouse to remove their shoes, because the rugs had just been cleaned. They wiped their feet carefully but declined removing their shoes, since it was a safety issue for them.

The Lollis have become good friends to us all. They are always there to help, whether it is on a scene, or just to do the little things that need to be done around the firehouse. On a call, they have always known what needs to be done, and how to do it.

PVFB Fact: it is still extremely dry. Check out the small roadside fire on Rt. 165 in the S curves—most likely from a tossed cigarette. Rig checks were going on at the station when the call came in. It could have been a real disaster had we not gotten to it immediately, while the fire was still within the reach of our hoses.

PVFB/SCFD:  Making house calls 24/7.

Sandoval County sets up emergency notification system

—Margaret M. Nava

As flames ravaged the hillside above the town of Los Alamos last June, residents gathered family members, important documents, prescriptions, and pets, and evacuated the area after receiving reverse 911 notifications from Los Alamos County. According to all sources, the evacuations were orderly. No major accidents were reported, and, most importantly, no life-threatening injuries were sustained.

Reverse 911 systems were developed to deliver outbound messages in case of an emergency. The systems employ a combination of database and mapping technologies that allow emergency responders to pinpoint a specific geographic area and deliver the appropriate message to residents in that area. Capable of dialing 50,000 phone calls per hour, the systems have the ability to call both listed and unlisted phone numbers, redial a busy number until contact is made, or leave an emergency message if an answering machine picks up the call.

The Sandoval County Regional 911 Center has set up a rapid emergency notification system called CodeRed Community Notification System, an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for disseminating emergency or critical information. Free to all Sandoval County residents and businesses, once your contact information is entered into the system, you will receive a recorded message in case of emergencies where immediate action is required. Examples of situations when the CodeRed system may be utilized include fires or floods, evacuation notices and routes, drinking water contamination, missing persons or Amber alerts, bomb threats, hostage situations, chemical spills, gas leaks, utility outages, or other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for safety of human life.

Signing up for emergency notifications is quick and simple. Log on to, and click on CodeRed in the upper left hand corner of the website homepage. When the Community Notification Enrollment screen appears, enter your contact information including all landline and mobile phone numbers as well as text and email addresses, then verify all information and submit. Upon receiving confirmation that your information has been registered, you will notice a “Launch test call” option. Select that option and, within seconds, you will receive a call back explaining what will happen in case of an actual emergency. Should you ever need to change or add additional emergency telephone numbers, you can always go back into the system and edit your profile. If you do not have internet access, contact a friend or family member who does, and ask them to enter your contact information to the database. Or you can call the Sandoval County Information Technology Department at 505-404-5810. There is no charge for this service, and all information provided during the enrollment will be kept private and confidential.

As the people in Los Alamos know, knowing what’s happening and how to react can make all the difference in the world. Seconds count in emergencies. Make sure you are notified in time.





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