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re: damaged signs

Today was the third Flea Market this year sponsored by the Placitas Community Library. The weather was beautiful, and there were terrific bargains from lots of vendors. This is the sixth year that the library has been able to benefit from this fundraising event. All of the proceeds from tent/table rentals and the sale of goods at the library table goes directly to the library for operating costs.

As a way of publicizing the flea market, volunteers put up signs along Highway 165 and in Bernalillo. Disturbingly, over the past month, all of our signs have been damaged or stolen. We have checked with Sandoval County and New Mexico DOT. They have assured us that they are not responsible.

No one has complained to the library about the signs. This is the first time anyone has damaged or stolen our signs. Why would anyone do this?

Please, if someone knows who is doing this, ask them to contact the library and explain why they have a problem with our signs. To whomever is damaging/stealing our signs, please reach out to the library—let’s work this out. Our telephone number is 867-3355.

—Placitas Community Library Staff

re: acheiving sanity

Will there be trouble on the streets in the near future? Yes.

Will this mayhem, destruction, and death reflect the history of humankind on this planet? Yes.

What we see in the streets of urban America, the clash between blacks and whites, the killings committed by both sides, is an ongoing saga, an epic poem. You are wise to stay vigilant and be ready for trouble. The trouble may not make it to your front door, but it will be visible on TV thanks to the media obsession with very bad news. Beware of rabble rousers.

In America, our nasty and lethal history of race relations is over two hundred years old. We “go to school,” but do we learn anything? If I were running “Black Lives Matter,” I would focus on the best examples of inter-racial behavior, and stop this love affair with outrage. The old ways of protest are boring. “Pigs Off Campus!” “No More War!” This week I have seen reconciliation footage that moved me to tears.

After the murder of five police officers in Dallas, many of the images appearing on my TV screen were ones of black/white reconciliation. The media regularly asks us, “Is this the moment? Is this the slaughter that will inspire the two sides to work together?” Black/white. Republican/Democrat. Christian/Muslim. Sane/Insane...

No, this is not the moment. This is not the epiphany. We the people of this planet have yet to achieve sanity. It’s gonna be awhile. In fits and starts we get closer to sanity. Stay tuned.

—Greg Leichner, Placitas

re: help reduce gun violence in New Mexico

The public is invited to join Mayor Javier Gonzalez, author Valerie Plame, and Ambassador Joe Wilson on August 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, for a private screening of the film, Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence (54 minutes). A reception will follow.

New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV) launches a critical statewide gun buyback campaign to safely get unwanted guns out of homes and off the streets. Over the next year, in partnership with RAWtools, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) Foundation, and SFCC welding and sculpture students, collected guns will be forged into garden shovels and spades and public art projects.

New Mexico just became the seventh deadliest state for gun deaths. Children in New Mexico, aged zero to 19, are killed by guns at a rate almost sixty percent higher than the national average. Youth in New Mexico are likely to commit suicide at a rate 75 percent higher than the national average—more than half of these suicides will involve a firearm.

A tax-deductible contribution of one hundred dollars, or more, per ticket, will provide the seed money needed to hold initial gun buyback events in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba Counties in 2016-‘17.

—Miranda Viscoli, New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence

Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association (ES-CA) report

—Chris Daul

Angela Ward, Hospital Administrator for RUST Hospital, made a presentation about RUST Hospital to the ES-CA board at the last meeting. She submitted a handout that provides some demographic information about services provided, patients served, economic impact, community involvement, and basic financial information.

RUST is continuing to operate at a deficit and Ms. Ward stated that the current hospital tax is necessary to help offset some of the losses. Losses included unreimbursed Medicare/Medicaid and charity care, as well as some areas of service. It was noted that RUST is part of the Presbyterian Health Care System and its losses are covered by the System. Ms. Ward could not speculate as to when RUST would begin to operate at a breakeven point. RUST does not accept Blue Cross Insurance, which precludes a portion of the population from using its services.

Ms. Ward stated that RUST had not yet decided on a tax rate it would request concerning the renewal of the Hospital Tax. ES-CA is following this issue closely and will post updates on the ES-CA Forum.

ES-CA’s Land Use and Planning Trust (LPT) are waiting for a response from Vulcan concerning their interest in settlement of the pending litigation. LPT is working hard to provide a solution that benefits residents of the Placitas area. Updates will be posted in the Forum.

ES-CA is also following Sandoval County’s efforts to enact an ordinance to regulate oil and gas drilling. To date, the County has not released any information about the proposed oil and gas drilling ordinance.

Concerning the BLM land to our north, we are still waiting for the RMP to be released. Senator Heinrich has introduced legislation that would prohibit sand and gravel mining on the BLM land in the Placitas area. Letters of support have been submitted by ES-CA, LPA, the San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant, and Santa Ana and San Felipe Pueblos. Thanks go to all these organizations and their members.

A survey was sent out to ES-CA members to gauge interest in zone changes that may be embedded in an existing community, and to bring attention to the need to better inform the general public of potential zoning changes. The proposed Placitas Sage Co-housing development in Placitas West has raised many concerns and garnered much support for a zoning change that would increase density by three hundred percent. There has been much discussion about this matter and the ES-CA board would like to hear from members before taking any position on this issue.

ES-CA hosted a very successful annual meeting on June 25 with featured speakers Danita Burns of the BLM and Valerie Espinoza, chair of the NM Public Regulation Commission.

ES-CA will be hosting a Candidates Forum on September 10. Candidates for the following offices have been invited: State Senate District 9; House District 22; Sandoval County Clerk, and Sandoval County Treasurer. All are welcome to attend and more information will follow.

The next ES-CA board meeting is scheduled for August 1, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at the Placitas Fire Station on Route 165. All are welcome.

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