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Dave Harper

If you lose or find an animal in Placitas area, call the Animal Hotline at 867-6135. The Hotline is a nonprofit service run by Dave and January Harper to help reunite lost and found pets. Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a free service courtesy of the Signpost—we can sometimes even include a photo. Call Dave and January at 867-6135 or 263-2266 and leave a detailed message, or email the Animal Hotline at: (but call, too).


Two cats: Female, grey Tabby with white socks and green eyes. "Lexi” is spayed and has no collar, tags, or chip. "Bandit" is a male Siamese-mix with bright blue eyes. He is neutered and has no collar, tags, or chip. Last seen June 23 during house fire off of Paseo de San Antonio and Camino de Camposanto in the Village of Placitas. Owners are heartbroken and miss their babies. Please call if seen. (See photo above.) #4039


Two dogs: Large hounds (look like giant Beagles). They are wearing bright orange collars with carabiners. Found on July 18 off of Highway 165 west of Presbyterian Church in Placitas. #4040

Dog: Male Great Dane. He is black-and-white tuxedo, has a camouflage collar, and no tags. Appears to be 1.5 years old. Found July 7 in Placitas, off of Camino de la Vina Vieja. #4038


Two dogs: Akitas with collars. Seen July 20 on Camino de Las Huertas, about one and half miles from Highway 165 in Placitas. #4041


Animal News


Lalo’s pet prints:

Lalo loves to receive your pet and animal photos to print in the Signpost.
Email them to “Lalo” at:
Or mail prints to: Signpost, P. O. Box 889 Placitas, NM 87043

Caught in the act! A bullsnake is robbing my finch house!
He ate the contents and now he can’t get out. He’s stuck!!

The sneaky snake is pretty big. My neighbor Ron came to my
assistance. We try to set the snake free with the gentle use of a few scrap pieces of wood.

This bullsnake wants OUT! Look at the size of this snake!

Almost there! Notice the ‘bulge’ in the snake’s belly.

Neighbor Ron holds the now freed bullsnake. Check out the birdhouse.

A photo of the beautiful 4’3” snake while hanging in mid-air.
We returned it without harm to the wild.
—Story & photos by Steve Parker, Placitas

Certified beekeeper and wildlife habitat gardener Lu Lu Sage

For the birds and the bees . . .

New Mexico is home to over 500 native bee species and many solitary wasps, along with other pollinators including butterflies, skippers, bumblebees, carpenter bees, pollinator flies, beetles and hummingbirds. Certified beekeeper and wildlife habitat gardener Lu Lu Sage will give a tour of the Xeric Garden Club’s certified wildlife habitat garden, speaking on how to preserve bees and other important pollinators. Her talk will also include the plants that provide the nectar and pollen as well as the habitats that help sustain them. Join them on August 7 from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. The Albuquerque Garden Center 10120 Lomas NE. The program is free and open to the public. For further information, go to:
Photo credit: —Dennis Tani

. . . and the bears

A very large male black bear has been seen on the south side of Highway 165 in Placitas. He hasn’t caused any trouble, but since these photos were taken, residents in the area have been bringing in their bird feeders at night in hopes that he has headed back up into the Sandia mountains.
—Todd Rennecker

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