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“To get a massage or not to get a massage . . .”

“It shouldn't be a question,” says one of Bernalillo’s newest business owners, Robert Matteson, a massage therapist, who wonders why choosing massage therapy is so often a question. He says, “In times of economic uncertainty, it is human nature to eliminate things we consider luxuries.” But is massage therapy a luxury? According to a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Getting Uncle Sam to Cover Your Massage,” even the IRS is including massage as an “eligible expense, as long as it fills a genuine medical need.”

You may say that you have no genuine medical need for massage therapy. Rob Matteson states, “Even though it would bring me more business, I don’t pray for people to come to my door stating that they have enough pain or dysfunction to have a medical need for my bodywork. What I do hope for is that people believe in the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Stress relief alone from massage therapy can physically benefit individuals in numerous ways such as lowering heart rates and blood pressure. Symptoms of stress such as these can be diminished by taking the time to sit quietly, empty your mind, and concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly. If you have never received massage therapy before, imagine combining controlled breathing with a professional back rub. If you have received massage therapy previously, you may remember what you felt like during and after your treatment. You may have said to yourself as you walk out of the treatment room, “I’m going to have to do this more often.”

Doctor (of chiropractic medicine) Michael Martino of Martino Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Bernalillo concurs. He states that “massage therapy, if performed in an in-depth fashion over problematic muscle groups and connective tissue is very therapeutic and compliments chiropractic care extremely well. From a stress reduction standpoint, massage is very beneficial for relaxation of the mind as well as the physical component of the body.”

Virginia Campa, one of the patients whom Matteson works with in conjunction with Martino’s chiropractic service, is a polio survivor, has fibromyalgia, and recently acquired a torn rotator cuff. She says that her insurance does not fully pay. She stated, “I would continue to receive massage treatment even if insurance deemed it “not medically necessary.” With regard to working with the team of Matteson and Martino she states, “I have been to several chiropractors and massage therapists in my travels and these two are among the best.”


Healing light therapy introduced to Placitas

BioScanBioScan recently started providing light therapy at its facility in Placitas for a variety of human ailments, such as bad backs, contusions, muscle tears, tendonitis, and peripheral neuropathy.

Treatment appears simple. Rick Murdock, a licensed physical therapist uses an electronic device that emits an audible signal when it encounters areas of the body that are in distress. He then applies two hand-held diode-cluster heads that deliver heat and light from infrared and visible-red super-luminous LEDs.

Photo caption: BioScan executive vice-president, Rick Bredan, demonstrates the “BioPack.”

Nadine Donohue, founder of Bioscan, is so sure that this treatment will provide relief that she is offering an introductory session at half the usual $45 price.

Nadine says, "This cutting-edge technology is so effective that, from my experience, I expect that eight out of ten people will experience immediate relief. I am happy to help the community and know the word will spread. We just want people to come in and try our simple, safe and effective approach to treat injuries, reduce pain, enhance performance, and increase one's overall quality of life. BioScan brings the future of health care to New Mexico today!”

Nadine Donohue founded BioScan twelve years ago after developing a system based on the latest technologies of light therapy to treat nonspecific horse injuries at top racetracks. "I sought to find a noninvasive way to identify imbalances in the body through the bioelectric system and to apply the most effective application of energy to optimize functioning where it is needed,” she said. "The NASA Space Medicine Program is conducting extensive photodynamic research, achieving dramatic results. We have worked with prominent medical doctors, veterinarians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists from around the world conducting studies and evaluating the efficacy of light therapy."

The technology has worked so well for racehorses worldwide that when the FDA cleared BioScan for human use, performance athletes and their trainers were among the first to embrace it. American League MVP Jason Giambi and golfer Jack Nicklaus use Bioscan. Trainers for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, and the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team credits Bioscan for speeding recovery time and keeping players in the game.

Corrales resident Janet Wiggins says, "BioScan has become a part of our lifestyle. Our lights are in constant demand by everyone in our family and by my husband, David's, hockey team. David uses it to treat neck problems after long hours at the workbench at Creative Jewelers. We wouldn't know what to do without it."

Placitan Elaine Slusher uses her relatively inexpensive BioScan light patch to treat peripheral neuropathy in her feet. She says, "I'm not the type to look for magic solutions, but I use the patch because it relieves my foot pain."

For more information, or to make an appointment, call 867-9854 or go to




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