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Bernalillo Chamber of Commerce members enjoy the Bernalillo Chamber Awards Banquet and Bernalillo Education Fund Benefit at the Hyatt Tamaya in November

Bernalillo Chamber of Commerce members enjoy the Bernalillo Chamber Awards Banquet and Bernalillo Education Fund Benefit at the Hyatt Tamaya in November. From left to right: Elizabeth and Gary Dwyer (Superintendent, Bernalillo Public Schools), Consuelo and Lester Swindle (Administrator, Town of Bernalillo), Barbara and Charles Aguilar (Mayor, Town of Bernalillo), Eddie Torres (Councilman, Town of Bernalillo), Linda and Phillip Valverde (owners, Bernalillo Tire Company)


Democrats to hold pre-caucus meeting

The February 3 state Democratic presidential caucus is just around the corner. Placitans will have a chance to learn more about how the caucus will run and about some of the candidates at an open meeting on Tuesday, December 2, at 6:30 p.m. at the Placitas Community Center at 41 Camino de las Huertas.

Paul Ingles of Placitas will host the event and show a video introducing Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich to prospective voters. Paul invites supporters of other campaigns to bring materials to share.

"A whole lot of folks haven't yet tuned in too closely to this race," says Paul. "We're hoping this session will get people thinking so they can be an active participant in the February caucus if they want. Plus, caucus voting is a little different than in the general election, so there's important information to share about that as well."

Caucus details are also on-line at the state Democratic party Web site,

You can contact Paul at 771-8295 for more information about the December 2 meeting.


Pueblo Revolt discussed

On December 2, the Corrales Historical Society will present “Leadership in the Pueblo Revolt (Multicultural?).” This talk, given by Stephanie Beninata as part of the society’s speaker series, begins at 3:00 p.m. at the Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales. The program is free and open to the public. Reservations are not required. The Old Church is fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Refreshments will be served after the program. For further information, call 899-6212 or 301-0042.


Lady Enchantment

Dedicated to the state of New Mexico

The gray-blue mesas of the great southwest desert stretch out over the horizon—each a little further than the other, so like massive bay windows, with ancient ghost sentinels peering out from their posts.

They preside over a timeless backdrop of sun-drenched blue skies, with snow-white clouds floating on their lavender-tipped bellies.

Red sandstone spirit shapes carved by wind and rain huddle hauntingly on towering cliffs.

A huge ship sails the desert with full sail—never leaving its port.

Volcanic craters from the beginning times now lie sleeping in the sun—they have witnessed the marching processions of life’s beginnings and sad endings.

Crystal-clear streams wind their way down through deep crevices of snow-capped mountains, slowing their flow upon landing on the serene desert carpet below—as if to linger with delight in the sight and smell from the muted hues of the high desert landscape.

Silver-green bushes, pastels of clay earth, tufted grasses of auburn and mauve—the vivid magenta and yellow waxy flower of the cholla cactus, the sudden shock of an orange-red splash of the Indian paintbrush wildflower, generous sprays of tiny blue daisies dancing in the wind—all here, all held together by the weavers of the desert floor. . .the sage bush and the tumbleweed.

Here—all sweet piñon mornings, and only here, all rose-gold New Mexico sunsets shouting their last hurrahs—hold a hypnotic spell on my senses.

As I step from my cabin door I know I can never leave here. . .

Lady Enchantment has wrapped her arms around me.

—Gaeg, Placitas






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