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Dr. Bob” Dubin

Dr. Bob” Dubin

A chiropractor in Placitas

—Ty Belknap

    After 30 years in the chiropractic business, Dr. Bob Dubin is packing up and relocating in New Mexico. Why would a man so deeply rooted in the community—an announcer at the 2003 Butter and Egg Days Parade, host of Petaluma’s radio station KTOB for seven years, member of the Petaluma Valley Rotary Club, Petaluma People Services Center board member and a distinguished life member of the California Chiropractic association—choose to take his business out of California?

             —Petaluma Argus-Courier, July 7, 2004

Dr. Dubin moved to Placitas, where he is presently offering chiropractic service to local residents in their homes while he and his wife settle in. The Argus-Courier reporter has obviously never been to New Mexico. Dubin says the main reason he left his practice in California was the managed-care system that “left me working for insurance companies rather than the patients themselves.”

Dubin says that he uses state-of-the-art techniques, including craniosacral, directional non-force, diversified manual therapy, and Photron therapy. He also has extensive experience with nutritional counseling, lifestyle modifications, chronic pain problems, low energy and fatigue, and traumatic stress. He was studying the arts in college when a reluctant trip to a chiropractor saved him from back surgery and defined his career.

Dubin is also attracted by the artistic community in New Mexico and plans to pursue his interest in jewelry design and fabrication. Dr. Bob has an extensive collection of fifties rock and roll. He hopes to continue his career as a radio entertainer and has approached local talk-radio stations about starting a health-and-wellness talk show.

“My practice offers a refreshing alternative for those in search of better health and well-being in a relaxed, healing environment,“ he says.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 715-4472.


Fatima Montoya of Mystic and More in Bernalillo

Fatima Montoya of Mystic and More in Bernalillo

Mystic gift shop with curandera treatments comes to Bernalillo

Fatima Montoya has been practicing the ancient art of curanderismo, or natural healing, for many years. Her mother, Selma Garcia, was a practicing curandera in Bernalillo in the early 1970s.

Fatima says that she is carrying on a 150-year family tradition with last month’s opening of Mystic and More gift shop on Main Street, Bernalillo, in the Rose Complex. The shop offers candles, herbs, oils, incense, rosaries, and other gifts. Fatima also offers traditional treatments for many common ailments.

These treatments include herbal remedies, Reiki, limpias (aura cleansing), and other natural remedies.

Appointments for treatments and Tarot readings outside of regular shop hours are available.

Fatima’s daughter-in-law will be offering classes in Tarot reading.

Fatima combines New Age influences with a strong belief in the church to provide natural healing. She does crystal and angel healings, working with the Archangel Michael. Her approach is intuitive, informal, and interactive.

For more information, call 771-0123 or stop by the shop at 901 Camino del Pueblo, just north of the Range Café. Mystic and More is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.






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