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Question of the Month:

Do you have a special holiday observance or tradition?

—Tim Nadeau


Karalynn and Eric Narvaiz

"We invite four or five seniors over who don't have family and cook dinner for them. He does the cooking." 

—Karalynn and Eric Narvaiz


Rosemary DeLara

"Spending time with family. I'm going to be doing a lot of cooking. Having my eighty-two-year-old mother there is the most special part of the whole deal." 

—Rosemary DeLara


Sarah Rhoderick

"We make a birthday cake for Jesus ... and cut a piece out for Santa." 

—Sarah Rhoderick


Larry Woolsey

"One New Year's Eve in the Mei Cong Delta both sides stopped fighting and began shooting flares off in the air. It was so surreal. Since then I find a quiet place to watch the fireworks and remember my buddies who didn't make it back." 

—Larry Woolsey


Leon Padilla

"We make homemade tamales, posole, and homemade bizcochitos with anise (sugar cookies). And a Jewish friend invites us over for a typical Hanukah party." 

—Leon Padilla


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