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Public Safety

Cell, cordless phones not best for emergencies

Incoming calls to 911 centers in the western region of the U.S. surged in July, with 140,000 more calls than in May. The increase was due in large part to many parts of the country experiencing excessive heat and resulting power outages.
The National Emergency Number Association is urging Americans to keep at least one corded phone with traditional landline phone service in their homes in case of an emergency at home, especially during a power outage, when cable, Internet, and cordless phones will not work.

Two-thirds of people don’t think landline phones are necessary and 37 percent of survey respondents have only cordless phones in their home. However, more than half do not understand that cordless phones rely on electricity, and will not function if the power goes out.

Furthermore, 911 operators do not receive location information when a caller dials from a cell phone: it has to be communicated verbally between both parties, which slows emergency response time.

Calling 911 from a corded landline phone displays the number and address of the phone being used and does not rely on electricity.



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