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MDO playhouse

MDO children enjoy their new playhouse.

New playground for Mother’s Day Out kids

—Kevin Stueber

Hard work and charitable dedication led to happy faces and tons of fun for the children of the Las Placitas Presbyterian Church’s Mother’s Day Out (MDO) Program this month.

Garret Greene, an aspiring Eagle Scout, completed one of his scout requirements by involving himself in a project that helped influence a positive impact on the community. He decided to create a new playspace for the children of MDO.

Greene, 16, used funds provided by family and friends to amass the resources needed for the new “fort” play equipment that can be found in the church’s play yard. The equipment consists of a new slide and clubhouse area.

Greene spent time with his grandfather to cut the lumber and lay out the plans to erect the new equipment. Not only did he obtain skills in carpentry, but also learned a foundation in community outreach. His hard work will have a lasting effect on the children who come to LPPC for generations to come.

The children currently enrolled in the MDO program have adopted the new equipment as their own. They act as if it has always been there. It is a staple of their daily playtime. They climb and crawl all over it while showing the younger children how to climb up the ladder and take turns using the slide.

Not only is the equipment fun, but it is also an update, bringing the LPPC playground into modern times. It is not just a new way for the children to play, but a new way for them to learn through physical and exploratory means. The new equipment is fitted with a slide and a clubhouse, but also handlebar-like devices that the children can swing from and spin on. A telescope also looks out to the North, giving the children a view of their surrounding environment. This is not only a place for the children in the MDO program to appreciate, but serves as a fun and safe place for the community of Placitas to enjoy. Since Placitas is a growing community, this new and updated equipment is inviting to people who may have driven by and not involved themselves in the church.

This new addition to the playground by Greene is a testimonial to the desire for community in the Placitas area. While being surrounded by growing cities, Greene’s Eagle Scout project shows a desire to keep the community of Placitas inclusive, while trying to keep up with its growing counterparts.

Placitas is no longer just a village tucked amongst the hills of the Sandia mountains, but a thriving community that people flock to in search of a more personal life than that of its neighbors. Garrett Greene’s Eagle Scout project will stand the test of time and be well-loved by future generations and members of this great        community.

New Mexicans reclaim HOBY

New Mexico’s Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar, New Mexico’s all-volunteer organization is coming back.

Established in 1958 by popular actor Hugh O’Brian following a visit to Africa where he was inspired by a meeting with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, O’Brian said, “One of the things Schweitzer said to me was that the most important thing in education was to teach young people to think for themselves. From that inspiration and with the support of others who believe in youth and the American dream, I started HOBY to seek out, recognize, and develop outstanding leadership potential among our nation’s youth.” For information about HOBY activities and sponsorship opportunities, call Dr. Suzann Owings at 234-6293 or

Bernalillo Computer Clubhouse gets $10K grant from Best Buy

On October 13, the Computer Clubhouse in Bernalillo received a $10,000 community grant from Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy leaders at Store #338 selected the Computer Clubhouse from submitted proposal requests in order to recognize the Computer Clubhouse’s dedication to closing the digital divide for teens and providing access to technology that will help teens excel in school and develop twenty-first century work force skills.

“The Computer Clubhouse was chosen because it’s available for teens during the school year as an after-school program and then for kids and teens from eight-to-eighteen during summer break. The Clubhouse provides access to technology for members who can’t get that at home. And it empowers kids and teens to be creative and confident learners, and it uses new technology to support new types of learning,” said Scott Puetz, general manager for Best Buy.

The Best Buy Community Grants Program is led by employee committees in each of the company’s twelve territories across the United States.

Cubs march together

—Suzann Owings

“Come see our scouts,” says Tori Tafoya, mother to two of the boys in Pack 708.  The Cub Scouts who meet at Placitas Elementary School will join other scouts in the Bernalillo Parade on December 1. Each Cub Scout meeting includes sports and a challenge for their brains, like the Friday before Thanksgiving when they made and broke codes. The scouts became so involved in each other’s codes, they skipped the craft activity Pack Master David Gardner had planned. Future events for Pack 708’s scouts include delivering stuffed toys to the Children’s Hospital on December 22. They also are getting ready for their annual Blue and Gold Banquet in February. Pack Master Gardner can always make room for more boys in his Pack and for the parents who oversee and direct the Pack. The Pack meets each Friday, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., at Placitas Elementary School. For more information, contact Tori Tafoya at 414-1885, or Snow Watson at 867-2047, liaison between Troop 708 and the Coronado Optimist Club, the Cub Scouts’ sponsoring organization.

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