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I was born in Los Angeles. My parents were there after World War II. They were both from New Mexico: my mother's family fled during the Mexican revolution and settled south of Albuquerque; my father's family were from a small, northern New Mexico village, and have been here for generations.

Shortly after I was born we returned to New Mexico. I was raised in the north valley in Albuquerque. I attended the University of New Mexico and received a degree in fine arts. I have made my living as an artist for the past twenty-five years. In addition to my original art sales, My wife and I design and publish posters of my artwork which you can see on my Web site.

My artistic journey began at the age of four when I was first provided with colored pencils and paper by my grandmother. I continued to create art and educate myself about art from that moment on.

The art process for me is deeply personal. My paintings are about people and culture, an expression of who I am. They are a vision which expresses the universal in a moment in time. My use of color represents the dream like beauty and timeless energy of that moment.

My art goes back and forth in time...I love painting rural scenes from the past as well as portraying contemporary lives of people around me.

My art also includes educational subjects, such as families reading and participating in school activities. There is a social agenda behind this art: to motivate young people to learn and do well in school. In this art I wish to emphasize the strength of family and the importance of family activities involving the education of children.

—Edward Gonzales
Corrales, New Mexico

The Edward Gonzales Heritage Gallery is located at 4229 Corrales Road in Corrales.

Gallery phone: (505) 897-3203 or (505) 264-1335.

Hours: 10-5 Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by appointment.

Paintings, posters and fine art reproductions on canvas (giclees) by Edward Gonzales are available at the gallery. They can also be viewed online at:



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