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Free family-law workshop

A family-law workshop will be held on February 11 at the State Bar of New Mexico, 5121 Masthead NE, Albuquerque. There will be a presentation by a volunteer attorney regarding divorce, custody, and child support. The workshop is a free community service sponsored by the state bar and the New Mexico Civil legal Services Commission. Please call 1-(800)-876-6227 or (505) 797-6048 for details.


Community Library needs space

Sue Strasia
President, Placitas Community Library

Help! We need a heated space to begin our library. Size is not an issue. Once we get a start, then funding is more easily accessible. Send in any leads to

Please consider supporting the library by becoming a member. Join our planning session on Wednesday, February 11 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. We will break up into committees and begin identifying, prioritizing, and forming a plan of action for fund-raising, membership, site acquisition, long-term planning, and grant writing.

We have a new slate of officers for 2004 and board members through the year of 2006. Our board and officers have diverse backgrounds and interests. Madeline Randle was a chemistry teacher for thirty years, When she retired she seriously pursued her passion to become an artist and has just stepped down from the Placitas Artist Series board of directors. Joe Gonzales recently retired as the director of the Learning Materials Center in the College of Education. Anne Frost once owned a bookstore. Jo Thompson is on the Optimists board of directors, participates in the Big Brother/Big Sister mentoring program at Placitas Elementary School, and is a volunteer firefighter. Dr. Martin Bradshaw taught electrical engineering at UNM and since his retirement has been building free-flight model airplanes. Beverly Vincent loves to play bridge and is a member of the garden club. P. J. Sumner is from Texas and is an avid hiker who has worked in hospital management. Judy Gajkowski, from Chicago, is a world traveler.  She is a former teacher and community-services volunteer for the March of Dimes. Snow Watson is a mother of twins, an architect, and interested in early childhood literacy. Finally, I am a retired National Board Certified Teacher. And the one thing we all have in common is that we want a library in Placitas. Do you? 

Valerie Nye is the public-library consultant for the Library Development Services Bureau of the New Mexico State Library. She contacted us in response to our inquiry to her on how to start a library. She explained that the person who is building the library collection in Tularosa sent a message out to New Mexico public libraries asking for book and furniture donations. Tularosa had so many offers, they were unable to collect all of the donations!

Valerie has made an offer for us to pick up these donations right now and wants to know if we have any space for furniture donations and books. If so, we need to contact her within the next month. She sends us her best wishes with our library projects this coming year and offers her assistance with our project.

Well, there you go. We have computers ready to be donated, furniture, and lots of books. We also have a volunteer who is a carpenter and is ready to build bookshelves.

In order to qualify for public-library status we need to be in operation fourteen hours a week for six months and may not require membership fees. We now have a special group to research private- versus public-library status to see what is going to work the best for us.

What we're looking for is space to begin in. Will you consider helping us?


Serving a community in need

Fawn Dolan

Bound for Success, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization operating Nearly New–A Repeat Boutique and 313 Thrift Store. We have been incorporated since 1987 and have provided services in Sandoval County since 1999. 

Our mission is to provide clothing—one of our most basic human needs—to women in transition from home to work, school to work, welfare to work; and to victims of domestic abuse and their families. By providing appropriate professional, career, and casual attire for all the roles women play, we impact their self-esteem and help them become gainfully employed. 

Nearly New depends upon donations of clothing from our community. We, in turn, steam, size, sort, price and display the donated items in order to supplement limited grant money with sales to the general public. Clients who are referred to us can select up to five items of clothing free of charge from the displays and racks (a three-piece suit counts as one item.)

We also provide donated household items from the 313 Thrift Store for women who are setting up a home environment.

Jamie Montoya, who operates Jamie's Beauty Salon, provides haircuts free of charge to our clients who have a job interview and want to make a good first impression. 

The number of families we served in 2003 increased by 32 percent from the previous year. We provided our services to women and families referred to us from Haven House, Sandoval Works, the Department of Human Services Income Support Division, Cuba St. Vincent de Paul, El Portal, the Gold Mentor Program, Morning Star, Woman in Need, and the Sandoval County Economic Opportunity Center.

We also provide services to families and individuals who walk in off the street, are homeless, passing through, or have heard about us and need specific items for a current crisis they find themselves in or an opportunity that has presented itself and they don't have what they need to meet the challenge. 

In 2003 alone, we gave our families over $8,000 worth of clothing. Ninety two percent of those clients reside in Sandoval County and represent the entire county from Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales to Peña Blanca, Jemez, rural communities, the Navajo Nation and four pueblos. The majority of our clients are single, minority females with at least two dependents. They have less than a twelfth-grade education, and earn less than $10,000 annually. 

We are a New Mexico Charitable Organization, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization. Your monetary donations are tax deductible. As you plan your taxable deductions for 2003 and in the New Year, please consider our agency. For those of you who contribute to the United Way Community Fund Drive, please consider designating Bound for Success Inc. as the direct recipient of your donation. 

As executive director, I am very proud of our accomplishments and the important role we play in the community. This is a volunteer position, and a large chunk of personal funds have gone into making the agency and program grow, prosper, and function. For further information call 771-8228 or visit our Web site at






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