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    Sandoval County Community Centers February menu

February 2: Sweet sour pork, rice, salad, cake

February 3: Beef steak ranchero, pinto beans, salad, cherry cobbler

February 4: Baked chicken and dressing, corn, salad w/cranberry sauce, oranges

February 5: Mexican burger casserole, red peppers w/mushrooms, steamed rice, lemon pudding

February 6: Ham and creamed potatoes, peas andcarrots, applesauce,

February 9: Chicken andnoodles, green peas, red beets, chocolate brownie

February 10: Chicken fried steak w/gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli, Jell-O

February 11: Meat loaf w/tomato sauce, scalloped potatoes, salad, banana, Jell-O

February 12: Porcupine meatballs w/gravy, squash, herbed cauliflower, banana pudding

February 13: Green chili beef enchiladas, creamed corn, carrot-raisin-pineapple salad, mandarin oranges

February 16: Pork and beans w/franks, pasta salad, corn, fruit cocktail

February 17: Hamburger Stroganoff, noodles, parsley buttered carrots, strawberry shortcake

February 18: Chili relleno w/green chili sauce, pinto beans & tortilla, Mexican corn, chilled peaches, sugar cookies

February 19: Turkey dressing supreme, gravy, scalloped potato, peas w/red pimentos, tropical fruit salad

February 20: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, garden salad w/cucumbers, Italian garlic bread, butterscotch pudding

February 23: Ham, broccoli, tossed salad, lemon bars

February 24: Tamale, pinto beans, salad, tortilla, brownies

February 25: Macaroni and cheese, coleslaw w/carrots, spinach, Jell-O, natillas

February 26: Beef and vegetable stew, salad, corn bread, lemon pudding

February 27: Fish, honey glazed carrots, asparagus, peach cobbler

Bread, milk, and margarine are served daily.


    Placitas Community Center February calendar

February 2: Exercise 9:30, SF Casino 12:30

February 3: Arts and crafts club 9:30, Painting class 9:30, Open pottery 9:30

February 4: Ceramic pouring, Exercise 9:30

February 5 Personal shopping 9:30, Yoga 9:30.

February 6: Exercise 9:30, Pottery 9:30-3:30

February 7: Art classes*

February 9: Exercise 9:30

February 10: Arts and crafts club 9:30, Painting class 9:30, Open pottery 9:30

February 11: Ceramic pouring, Exercise 9:30, Presentation 12:30

February 12: Valentine’s party 12:00

February 13: Exercise 9:30, Pottery 9:30-3:30, Valentine’s dance in Jemez

February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day! Art classes*

February 16: Exercise 9:30, SF Casino 12:30

February 17: Arts and crafts club 9:30, Painting class 9:30, Open pottery 9:30

February 18: Ceramic pouring, Exercise 9:30, Presentation 12:30

February 19: Yoga 9:30

February 20: Exercise 9:30, Pottery 9:30-3:30, Birthday Social Pot Luck

February 21: Art classes*

February 23: Exercise 9:30, SF Casino 12:30

February 24: Arts and crafts club 9:30, Painting class 9:30, Open pottery 9:30

February 25: Ceramic pouring, Exercise 9:30, Ceramic shopping 9-12:00

February 26: Yoga 9:30, Bingo 1:00 p.m.

February 27: Exercise 9:30, Pottery 9:30-3:30

February 28: Art classes*

*Call the center for art class schedule: 867-1396.


Pay Medicare, heating bills

The Sandoval County Senior Program has a new case manager, Marie De La O. Her job is to coordinate care and services for the seniors at the community center. At 12:30 p.m. on February 11 Marie will be on hand at the Placitas Community Center to explain the QMB/SLMB Medicaid and energy assistance programs.

The two categories of Medicaid are for seniors who have Part A and B Medicare and who have a premium deducted from their monthly Social Security benefit. This type of Medicaid does not pay for health care or prescriptions, but if you are eligible, will pay the monthly Medicare premium. The energy assistance program helps qualifying applicants by paying part of their winter heating costs. Marie will have applications available and will offer assistance in filling them out. For further information, call the center at 867-1396.






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