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Gary W. Priester - Photo by Bill Diven
Priester pictured in front of a depth map image of an
Origami Crane Stereogram created for a Japanese publication.

I first became interested, no make that obsessed, with Stereograms, about 10 years ago when I saw an article in Publish Magazine. I contacted the author and said I would pay him to teach me how to create the hidden 3D images. It was money well spent.

Creating hidden image Stereograms became a hobby and I created a Website with a few dozen of my images. I did not expect anything else to come of it. But about 5 years ago, I was contacted by a Japanese publisher, Takarajimasha Inc. in Tokyo who wanted to license some of my images. I was skeptical but 5 years later it has become a regular gig for me and I provide them about 60 images a year for a group of publications they call MOOKS (Magazine-bOOK).

Last year I published two books with a British publisher, Arcturus, a small book of 40 images and a large coffee table sized book containing 100 of my Stereogram images and 100 images of another excellent American Stereogram designer. You can order the book from UK here. I also created about a half dozen commercial images for a variety of companies. The most interesting of these is for a Japanese chef who is opening an Italian Restaurant in Tokyo and plans to print a Stereogram containing his logo ASO in the center of the dinner plates. (You can see the image on Gallery page 3). It amuses me to think of a dining room full of diners staring down at their empty plates trying to see the 3D image hidden on their plate.

I hope you enjoy the challenge of seeing these images as much as I have enjoyed creating the images. If you have any questions about Stereograms, feel free to e-mail me. I also create custom Stereograms.

When I am not cranking out Stereogram images, I do Website and logo design and a small amount of advertising. You can visit my Website to see examples of my design work.

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