The Sandoval Signpost

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Signpost’s Man on the Street at the Las Huertas Watershed meeting and workshop


Ollie Moran

"I don't understand all the changes. All these people move up here and make changes. I don't understand all the fighting that's going on." 

—Ollie Moran


Dan and Mary Trujillo

"We own property at the end of the paved road and want to learn more about what is going on."

—Dan and Mary Trujillo


Vicki Wilkinson

"I'm concerned about the water rights of the acequias owners. All aspects of the workshop were interesting and they had some great speakers." 

—Vicki Wilkinson


“Water is the biggest issue in New Mexico, and it's the biggest issue in this valley. I want to know what's going on." 

—Jack Purcell


"As mayordomo of the Las Huertas Community Ditch, I need to become more involved to protect the ditch water rights." 

—Mary McDonald




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