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c. Gary Priester

See Gary's Facebook page His images will all be based on the eyeTricks logo that he designed for the page and for his website. To learn more about Priester’s stereogram work, visit:

Startling Stereograms

Startling Stereograms

$9.95 Available in bookstores
and from

This visually breathtaking collection is the fourth book of stereograms created by Gene Levine and Gary Priester, two of the world's best known and most esteemed stereogram artists. Using cutting-edge computer graphics, they have raised stereograms into a 21st century art form. Levine and Priester help you get the most out of your viewing experience, explaining the mechanics of parallel vision and how to focus so the illusions materialize. But the true stars of the show are the incredible, colorful, artistic creations they have whipped up­pictures of almost unbelievable motion and depth. They include an array of bull's-eyes that actually seem to turn into many staring eyes, items that float right off the page; and frogs that appear to leap up out of the water. 128 pages with 100 full color 3D stereograms.

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