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Bernalillo steel companies expand

~Signpost Staff

Two related steel-fabrication companies in Bernalillo have announced expansion plans that will add 63 jobs. That will double the size of both companies—Amfabsteel, Inc. and Phat Steel—according to a news release from the Sandoval Economic Alliance.

Amfabsteel manufactures and fabricates structural steel and was established in 1984. It currently employs 59 people. Phat Steel, founded in 2006, employs 14 people and handles miscellaneous steel fabrication. Both companies are located in the Bernalillo Industrial Park, off State Route 313 in southern Bernalillo.

Sandy Poling (left) presents a one-hundred-dollar check from the Placitas Chamber of Commerce to Debbie Steuber, director of the Mother’s Day Out program that helps young children and their families.

Placitas Chamber of Commerce donates to community

~Signpost Staff

In September, the Placitas Chamber of Commerce hosted a Meet ‘n’ Greet themed “Get Your Chili On.” The chili cook-off was held on the patio of the Chamber of Commerce office in Placitas. Everyone was asked to put a one dollar bill next to each dish that they liked as a vote for that dish as a favorite. The group raised one hundred dollars to donate to the Mother’s Day Out program in Placitas. The two top cooks received prizes. The winner made chili-marinated ribs.

Century of Faith documents local history

First published in 1995 to celebrate the one-hundred-year anniversary of the 1894 founding of Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, the award-winning history book by Suzanne Sims Forrest has been significantly revamped to include more photos, an afterword written by The Reverend Drew Henry—current pastor of the church—to cover the years after 1994, and a timeline of Las Huertas Valley, Las Placitas, and the Church, which enable the reader to follow the chronological order of historical events.

Rather than being limited to the one hundred years of the Church’s history, Century of Faith covers over two hundred years of history, making the Placitas area one of the best-documented communities in New Mexico. It begins with prehistoric settlements of the Las Huertas Valley, followed by the advent of the Spanish explorers and settlers. It then describes the struggle for the land between the settlers of Spain’s 1768 San Antonio de Las Huertas Land Grant and outsiders concerned solely with obtaining mineral rights. After 1850, the seeds of Presbyterianism developed in this exclusively Catholic region, and Las Placitas Presbyterian Church was founded in 1894. The subsequent history is emblematic of the challenges experienced by many small isolated communities as they were confronted by technological advances in the 1800s and 1900s, young men going off to fight in WWI and WWII, and many other outside influences destined to bring about changes both welcome and unwelcome—especially including, in this specific region, an influx of non-Spanish speaking people (hippies and other gringos).

Century of Faith is a welcome documentation of the local history for those who have ties to the broader Placitas area. It is also of interest to a broader audience as a highly readable source to help those new to, or otherwise interested in, the region to obtain a better understanding of the unique history of the Placitas area in specific and New Mexico in general.

Century of Faith can be purchased at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church in Placitas or online at

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