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Building Energy Solutions offers technology to homeowners

Larry Gorman demonstrates the Blower DoorLarry Gorman demonstrates
the Blower Door.

Did you know that the amount of energy consumed by every American is equivalent to that used by three Germans, fourteen Chinese, or 168 Bangladeshi? Using state- of-the-art technology, Larry Gorman of Building Energy Solutions, Inc., can probably reduce your household use to that of about seven Chinese.

Larry installs a device called a Blower Door that makes an airtight seal over your outside door and then adjusts the speed of an exhaust fan to pull a precisely measured vacuum on the whole house. The instrumentation then provides readings that include the amount of air (in cubic feet) that is infiltrating your home through cracks around doors and windows, through the roof, and from crawl spaces.

The analysis also involves a device called a Duct Blaster that works on the same principle to find leaks in your ductwork.

Readings from the Blower Door and the Duct Blaster, are entered, along with measurements of walls, windows, and roofs, into a computer program that calculates where and how much energy is lost. Larry discusses this information with his clients and helps determine a cost-effective solution.

Larry says "Wasting energy is only a part of the problem. In the wintertime, a house acts like a chimney to draw air from the outside. Along with cold air, this brings in dust, pollen, insulation residue, pesticides, and soil gases such as radon. Some rooms will not heat or cool properly, your fireplace can backdraft, and sealed combustion appliances can give off carbon monoxide. The service that I provide can identify these problems and we can offer solutions to save energy and maintain a healthy environment."

Larry Gorman has been involved in aspects of the construction trade for the past thirty years. He came to New Mexico to work on the reconstruction of U.S. Highway 550 and moved into a slightly drafty log home in Placitas. He liked it so much there that he started looking for a line of work that would allow him to stay after the road project was finished. In his spare time, he studied the Energy Star Program and received his certification. He is still here and his house isn’t nearly so drafty.

Building Energy Solutions works with an EPA program called Energy Star Homes and with the DOE's Building America Partner Program. It is strictly a consultation service and does not sell windows, insulation, or any other product. For more information, call Larry Gorman at 269-2969.


Edward Jones rep will hold coffee club in Placitas

Penelope Cisneros, a local Edward Jones investment representative in Placitas, will be hosting a coffee club at the Piñon Café at 7:30 a.m. on January 8 in Placitas. The coffee club is an informal gathering of those interested in participating in roundtable discussions on the economy, interest rates, stocks and other investments, and hot topics. Penelope said, “The coffee club offers us an opportunity to learn from one another and exchange ideas on a variety of issues. I look forward to sharing my expertise on how individuals can help make their money grow and build wealth over time, as well as having fun and getting to know some of my neighbors better.”




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