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Presbyterian services thanks donation organizers

The Presbyterian Medical Services Sandoval County Head Start would like to thank the following organizations who have arranged for donations to their program this holiday season: Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, LaPuerta Real Estate Services, and The Young Marines of Rio Rancho High School. Sandy Escarcida, PMS-Sandoval County Head Start children’s services manager said, “These organizations graciously collected items from their congregation, staff, and community to distribute them to the children and families we serve. It is through such widespread community involvement and citizens working together that our program is able to continue to serve our families at the highest standards of Head Start programs nationwide. We look forward to continued community service and are thankful for the support that we receive county-wide throughout the year.”


Save on heating bills this winter

  • Homeowners can make their home more energy efficient without spending a fortune.
  • Tips to assist in reducing your heating bills:
  • Caulk around windows to prevent drafts and insulate them.
  • Use a window insulating kit and hair dryer to add another layer of protection between you and the elements.
  • Install a storm door to trap heat in and decrease the amount of cold air entering your house when someone opens the front door.
  • Caulk around dryer vents, exhaust vents from vent fans, and any other fittings mounted to the side of your house.
  • Seal between baseboards and floorboards with expandable foam to prevent drafts and keep heat-seeking insects out.
  • Use expanding foam insulation around spigots, television cable jacks, telephone lines, and other entry points to your home.
  • Insulate your unfinished attic.




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