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Evey Jones - Sandoval Signpost Featured Artist

I love reading the answers authors give when asked how they get ideas for their books. The answers vary as much as the novels. But what I like to hear is the part about how the story reveals itself….

The same is true for me! A friend once said (and continues to say) that all my work should be sewn into a large quilt. I have come to understand what she means as I see the mythologies surface, disappear, and resurface throughout my work. It is a long and ongoing story whose meaning is still a mystery to me, although I can trace where several of the images come from.

What is to be respected, though, is that the viewer’s story, as he/she interprets these images, has as much truth as my story. Art is a moment in time that is created once by the artist and again by the viewer.

Studio visits by appointment: 505-867-2424



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