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Madeline Tapia

Madeline Tapia records memories of Bernalillo

Growing Up in Bernalillo is a series of short memoirs by Madeline Tapia, spanning from 1934 to 1954. The book tells of a girl born in La Cienega, close to El Rancho de las Golondrinas, who moved with her family to a two-room sod house in Bernalillo in 1934. Her father worked in the local sawmill while Madeline attended Our Lady of Sorrows grade school run by the Sisters of Loretto. Her two brothers attended St. Nickolas grade school, run by the Christian Brothers. Her mother was busy as a homemaker for the family. The 227 pages and forty photographs provide an entertaining and historical clipping of a time gone by, laced with Spanish tradition and prose. The book is for sale at Rose’s Pottery House and Home At The Range in Bernalillo, both adjacent to the Range Café.

Blessings Day

Some of the many Eleventh Annual Blessings Day packages

Thank You for Sharing Blessings

Members of St. Vincent de Paul Society, San Antonio Mission, Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of Sorrows, individuals and businesses, and former members of Sandoval County Sheriff’s CPU Unit, and Jardineros de Placitas, Lawyers Association, and Electrical Contractor Association came together to help 102 families from Placitas, Bernalillo, Algodones, Rio Rancho, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, and Santa Ana Pueblos. Children received gifts of clothing, toys, and their families received a Holiday turkey dinner. This was the eleventh Blessings Day, in which those who could shared with those in need. We started Blessings Day eleven years ago, sharing gifts with 25 families and have grown each year. Due to     the economic times, the number of families that were helped was again large. The committee could not have accomplished this without the help of many individuals and organizations. We appreciate the school nurses, counselors, and principals who worked with us on this endeavor.

We would like to publicly acknowledge our sincere and grateful thanks to our generous donors: Elaine & Bernie Sullivan of B & E Home Repair, T & R Hall, A. Garriot, Joan Lucero of Rio Sierra Realty, Dave Harper of Placitas Realty, Criminal Lawyers Association and Electrical Contractors Association and Dale Phagen for their generous donations. We especially would like to thank the generosity of the Jardineros de Placitas who again donated the turkeys. Mr. Joe Torres of T & T Grocery helped us by providing and storing the turkeys that were needed. In the spirit of cooperation, Casa Rosa Food Bank in Placitas and St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank helped us with food. Children attending Placitas Community Library Holiday Celebration donated books for our children.  

We are so grateful for the parishioners of Las Placitas Presbyterian Church and San Antonio Mission, and many other people who generously bought outfits for over three hundred children in our families. If it wasn’t for the Electrical Contractor’s Association, Dale Phagen of Prime Electric, who was so instrumental in speaking to individual Electrical Contractors, who so generously donate money for the toys for the children, we would not have been able to give toys to the children this year. Former members of the Sheriff’s Citizens Police Unit, on their own time, had the monumental task of insuring that the gifts and food got to the right families on December 22. Our 102 families from the greater Sandoval County area had a happier Christmas because of your generous donations of time and money and most of all your generous giving spirit. Every year it touches our hearts to realize that the people in this area are so generous with their time, talents, and treasure. In spite of the CT tragedy, there is still plenty of goodness in our area of the world.

This truly was a HUGE Successful Community Effort. 

Thank you to all from The Blessings Day Committee

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