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If you lose or find an animal in Placitas area, call the Animal Hotline at 867-6135. The Hotline is a nonprofit service run by Dave and January Harper to help reunite lost and found pets. Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a free service courtesy of the Signpost—we can sometimes even include a photo. Call Dave and January at 867-6135 or 263-2266 and leave a detailed message, or email the Animal Hotline at: (but call, too).


Dog: Small Jack Russell Terrier/Chug mix. Lucy is an eight-month-old female. She is brown with white legs, with a curly tail with a white tip, and some white on her face. She has one ear up, and one ear down. Weighs about eight pounds. Was wearing an orange sweater and a nylon fuchsia collar. Collar has a phone number on it in permanent marker. If she is found, that number takes a message. She is very friendly to everyone and very smart. Lost on December 11 at either the rest area near the ski area—junction of the Sandia Crest Hwy and 165 or near EXIT 243 near Milagro. (See picture, left) #4076.

Cat: Black and white. Found on December 16 in Placitas Trails. #4077

Dog: White Husky-type that has collar and tags. Dog seen just east of Overlook subdivision in Placitas. Last seen heading north towards arroyo on December 5. #4074

Dog:  Female, white with Tan spots, very skittish, about the size of a Lab. She had recently had a litter of puppies, potentially be blind in the right eye. Dog was dumped on November 27 in Sundance Mesa subdivision, near Third Mesa. Last seen on November 30. #4075


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Lalo’s pet prints:

Lalo loves to receive your pet and animal photos to print in the Signpost.
Email them to “Lalo” at:
Or mail prints to: Signpost, P. O. Box 889 Placitas, NM 87043

A Cooper’s Hawk alighted on a branch in the recent snowstorm.
—Todd Rennecker, Placitas


“Lalo, why did the bobcat cross the road (Camino Barranca)?”
“To go back and fetch her two teenagers!” —Annie Gross, Placitas


“Three wise cats,” —Annie Gross, Placitas

Public help sought to protect big bucks during breeding season

—Karl Moffatt, Department of Game and Fish

The Department of Game and Fish is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying poachers preying upon big bucks during the ongoing mule deer breeding season.

“Bucks in the rut are easy targets for opportunistic poachers,” said Bobby Griego, colonel of Field Operations for the department. “We’re asking the public to keep an eye out for our wildlife and report any suspicious activity.”

The mule deer breeding season in northern New Mexico is in full swing and deer can be found congregating in easily accessible areas where wildlife watchers, photographers, and others can observe them. It is also the time of year that game wardens find many illegally slain bucks, minus their heads and antlers, rotting by the roadside.

“They’re poaching some of our finest bucks,” Griego said.

The loss of these trophy bucks deprives deer herds of prime breeding stock for future generations and negatively impacts hunting for others.

Game wardens work overtime during the rut, patrolling wintering grounds where mule deer gather. Officers already are investigating numerous poaching cases. Officers received a report on December 8 of a large mule deer buck having been illegally killed several days earlier in a field off U.S. Forest Road 313 and N.M. 595 north of Lindrith. At the scene, officers discovered the carcass of a big buck missing its head, and two dead elk left to rot. Witnesses reported having seen a white Ford Raptor pickup truck in the field.

An unkindness of ravens alerted an officer to a fresh kill while patrolling the Simms Mesa area near Navajo Lake on November 29. The officer observed tire tracks on a dirt road about half-mile north of mile marker 14 on N.M. 527 that indicated a vehicle had stopped, backed up, and pulled off the road. Further investigation revealed drag marks leading into the brush, where a fresh gut pile from a male mule deer was found. No deer hunting was allowed in the area at that time.

An officer on patrol on December 2, on N.M. 527 near mile marker 4 near Navjao Lake, found the body of a dead buck with its antlers sawed off in the brush by the roadside. The body of a gutted but intact doe also was found nearby, along with a dead fawn that had been struck by a vehicle.

An officer on patrol on November 28 investigated another unkindness of ravens at a well pad off Rio Arriba County Road 362, also known Rosa Road on the mesa east of Navajo Lake. The officer investigated and found the remains of a doe mule deer missing the only choicest cuts of meat known as the “back straps.”

Anyone with information about these cases or any others can earn cash rewards while remaining anonymous by calling the department’s Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-800-432-GAME or reporting online at

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