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In these paintings, the color is saturated and intense. I am interested in the moods and responses painting can evoke, as well as the optical play that occurs. I usually begin with a single color or several layers of closely related colors, which will set up the space or atmosphere for more drawing.

Sometimes very subtle lines will activate the space, generate ideas, trigger a responseómaybe a small dot of color or a spiraling line. Different areas of activity will build, hum or buzz, come forward or recede. Lines and marks are drawn and erased, leaving phantom or afterimages behind.

Iím interested in finding the balance where the paintings can be spare, meditative, hypnotic and powerful.

Marciaís paintings may be seen at the Katrina Lasko Gallery

Paintings may be purchased directly. For more information, please contact Marcia at 505.385.8746 (studio phone).


Marcia Finkelstein - Sandoval Signpost Featured ArtisPHOTO BY BILL DIVEN


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