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Man on the Street

Signpost’s Man on the Street

Tim Nadeau

    “Q. What are some of the issues you would like local officials to address further?”

Kathleen Fincher

"My God! In New Mexico it's got to be the DUI situation. The laws need to be more strictly enforced! I can't believe a person with nineteen DUIs still has a driver's license."

—Kathleen Fincher


Grace Padilla

"Issues with the schools. They need to take a closer look at the No Child Left Behind program and provide modern and up-to-date equipment and supplies for our children's education." 

—Grace Padilla


Mark Kelly - I have to wash my car more often.

"There's no good drainage in this town [Bernalillo]. When it rains, the streets just flood, which just deteriorates the roads quicker, plus I have to wash my car more often."

—Mark Kelly


Helen Padilla

"Zoning—if that's what will take care of the junk cars and trash collecting in our neighborhood's yards. The traffic is terrible in Bernalillo in the evenings. And the courthouse in Bernalillo is an important landmark; I hope they don't move it all to the new building on Highway 528 in Rio Rancho."

 —Helen Padilla


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