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Placitas’ own Engine Hugger: “ Helping To Save Our Planet… One Engine At A Time!’’

A new Placitas based company was formed in May 2009 to educate fellow New Mexicans and distribute a combustion science and technology product to the world.

Placitas’s Engine Hugger deals with engine Fuel Tablets that they claim contain catalyst properties that accomplish a more complete combustion within the engine. The company claims no smoke and absolute minimal emissions from any un-burnt fuel is the result.

The Engine Hugger company is an early adopter of the “Fuel Tablets” and a member distributor for the new sales entity. The Fuel Tablets are a result of the partnership with a team of technically advanced engineers, chemists, and scientists with many years of manufacturing and business experience. This team of scientists and engineers has worked with this unique multi-functioned fuel catalyst since 1986.

The company’s fuel tablet product was first developed by Dr. Wes Parish is 1986 and currently manufactured in his Vineyard, Utah facility, located on a 2.5 acre site; with a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility.

Dr. Parish, with his family of scientists, began manufacturing and selling multifunctional fuel catalysts that were designed for internal combustion engine use and open flame applications in a variety of carbon and hydrocarbon fuels. The company claims it’s product works with Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, and a mix of hydrocarbon fuels.

This fuel tablet product was developed as a result of Dr. Parish’s work on experimental burn rate modifiers for solid rocket propellant systems that are now used in the aerospace industry.

In 2009 a direct sales division was established to market this product directly to consumers and to industries.

“What does this science and technology do for all of us? Well, do you have cars, trucks, fleets, motor homes, mining operations, boats, a navy, marine shipping operations, Asphalt Kilns, etc., etc…you get the idea. Anything needing fuel to get stuff moving. Just drop a Fuel Tab into your tank at fill-up time, and you are good-to-go,” says Placitan Frank Vigneri. “We are fighting 50 years of snake oil; some folks will doubt our data, but the timing is right for a product that will contribute so much to cleaning up our community, and the world.”

Vigneri says that the easy-to-use Fuel Tabs remove deposits, inhibit deposit formation, decrease fuel consumption, reduce emissions, the carbon content of ash will drop, exhaust will be cooler, will extend oil life and equipment life, octane-requirement decreases, will reduce knocking, pinging and dieseling, inhibits stratification and sludge formation, and they inhibit corrosion.

More information can be found at

Rio Grande Lounge

One of the big projects in the renovation was the Rio Grande Lounge. The bar is now located on the south wall opening the east portion of the bar to the beautiful views of the Bosque and Sandia Mountains.

Hyatt Regency Tamaya dazzles guests

Hotel renovates to the tune of $2.8 million

—Signpost Staff

From the meandering drive, to the adobe-styled architecture, to the extraordinary amenities and hospitality and the scent of cedar and pinon, the destination of the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa appears to most locals and visitors as the quintessential peaceful and luxurious getaway. It is exactly that and more.

Over the past few years, the resort has gradually been upgrading many of the public areas and rooms as part of a 10-year plan for ongoing renovations and remodels. The most noticeable alteration has taken place in the Rio Grande Lounge. The entire bar was moved from the east wall to the southern part of the lounge, opening up a dramatic and unobstructed view to the Sandia Mountains. New custom-made leather furniture and a redesigned bar with backlit onyx panels highlight the dramatic yet cozy space.

The Tamaya Mist Spa was also impressively redesigned to evoke a more natural and grounded experience.  The original large check-in desk was removed to allow for two smaller appointment stations, and the majority of the finishes throughout have been upgraded from Formica and ceramic tile to granite and natural stones. The re-designs allow for quests to feel more in-touch with their surroundings and a part of the experience.

Along with the overhauled lounge and spa, many of the meeting facilities and ballrooms received new carpet and furnishings and over three hundred quest rooms and suites received flat-screen TVs in addition to aesthetic enhancements. Currently, the Corn Maiden restaurant is getting new custom-made furniture and carpet, and the Santa Ana Café is in the final stages of a re-design.

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, one of the largest resorts ever developed on Native-American land, has received 15 industry awards and accolades between 2007 and April 2009 by the leading travel, golf, and professional meeting publications for its quality, service and value. Recently, the resort was listed in the March 2009 issue of Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the top 5 best value hotels in the Continental U.S. and Canada, and the 15th best hotel for overall value in the world.

For a better look at the new amenities visit the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa located on 1300 Tuyuna Trail, Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004, call (505) 771-6000 / (800) 872-3600 or visit online at:

Summer tax tips

Before you start a summer job, take a vacation or send the kids off to camp, the Internal Revenue Service wants you to know that certain summertime activities may qualify you for tax breaks. The IRS also advises that you can avoid problems at tax time by addressing certain issues now.

“Enjoy the summer, but be careful not to miss out on tax breaks or create tax problems,” said IRS spokesman Bill Brunson.

Here are some tips from the IRS that may help you lower your taxes and avoid tax problems:

Make sure your summer employer classifies you correctly. Summer workers sometimes are misclassified as independent contractors (self-employed) rather than as employees. Employers who do this usually fail to withhold taxes from the worker’s wages, often leaving the worker responsible at tax time for paying income taxes plus Social Security and Medicare taxes. Workers can avoid higher tax bills and lost benefits if they know their proper status.

Summer workers may be exempt from tax withholding. If you got a refund of all withheld income taxes for 2008 and you expect the same for 2009, you may claim “exempt” on your Form W-4 when you’re hired. That can increase your paycheck and possibly let you avoid having to file a 2009 federal tax return. If you claim exempt status, your employer should withhold Social Security and Medicare taxes from your wages but no federal income tax.

Getting married? Newlyweds can help make the wedded bliss last longer by doing a few things now to avoid problems at tax time. First, report any name change to the Social Security Administration before you file your next tax return. Next, report any address change to the Postal Service, your employer, and the IRS to make sure you get tax-related items. Finally, use the Withholding Calculator at to make sure your withholding is correct now that there are two of you to consider.

Clean out, donate, deduct. Those long-unused items you find during spring or summer cleaning can probably be donated to a qualified charity and may garner you a tax deduction as long as they’re in good condition. You must itemize deductions to qualify to deduct charitable contributions and you must have proof of all donations.

Help with service project, deduct mileage. While there’s no tax deduction for time donated toward a charitable cause, driving your personal vehicle while donating your services on a trip sponsored by a qualified charity could get you a tax break. Itemizers can deduct fourteen cents per mile for charitable mileage driven in 2009. Keep good records of your mileage.

Get tax credit for summer day camp expenses. Many working parents must arrange for care of their younger children under thirteen years of age during the school vacation period. A popular solution—with favorable tax consequences—is a day camp program. Unlike overnight camps, the cost of day camp may count as an expense towards the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

Owner of vacation home may get two tax breaks. First, mortgage interest and real estate taxes paid on a second home are usually deductible if you itemize. Second, if you rent your vacation home out fewer than fifteen days per year, that rental income is typically not taxable.

Report winnings, possibly deduct losses. If Lady Luck smiles on you during your vacation, remember that gambling winnings must be reported on your tax return. Losses are deductible only if you itemize and have winnings that equal or exceed your losses. Good records are a must.

Deduct job-related moving expenses. Relocating due to a job? A tax break may be coming your way and you won’t have to itemize deductions to get this one. If you can satisfy the distance and time tests, job-related moving expenses are deductible. Other requirements apply if you are self-employed. Members of the armed forces do not have to meet these tests if the move was due to a permanent change of station.

Deduct storm damage losses. Recent law changes make it easier to claim a casualty loss for the reduction in value of property damaged by storms, fire, or other disasters. And if your county was declared a federal disaster area, you may be able to file a tax return immediately to claim that loss.

For details about any of these topics, visit or call the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-1040.

Bernalillo announces employment opportunities

The Town of Bernalillo is accepting résumés and applications for the following positions:

  • Planning and Zoning Assistant
  • Public Works Director
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Maintenance Supervisor
Certain positions will remain open until filled. To apply or to obtain more information on qualifications, contact Yolanda Mora, Director of Human Resources at (505) 771-7112.






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