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If you lose or find an animal in Placitas (and the surrounding area)
please call the ANIMAL HOTLINE! 867-6135
The Hotline is a non-profit service to help reunite lost & found pets.
Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a FREE Service.
(You can even include a photo!) Call Dave & January at 867-6135.

You can also email the Animal Hotline at,
but call also!



CAT: Black and white Cat lost in mid-late May off Camino de San Francisco in the far northeast part of Placitas. "Tattoo" is a beautiful 1 year old male cat who is missed dearly! (See Photo) #3609

DOG: Miniature Australian Shepherd lost from Camino de las Huertas (about a mile and a half north of Highway 165) on June 4th. 9 year old female. #3614

DOG: Tiny Chihuahua (Teacup Chihuahua) lost from the Village of Placitas June 24th. Only weighs a couple lbs. #3619

DOG: Lhasa Apso, small female (about 10 lbs) lost from Placitas Trails (west end of Placitas, about 2 miles from I-25) on June 27th.

"Tidbit" is light grey with black tips on both ears. She is very shy and especially scared of men. (see Photo) #3622

CAT: Grey and white male cat lost from about 1.5 miles north of the Village of Placitas (Camino de las Huertas) on June 25th. "Rodeo" weighs about 9 lbs is confederate grey with white markings and is declawed. (See Photo) #3623


CAT: Calico Cat found near the 9 Mile Marker of Highway 165 May 31st. Female cat, mostly white with spots of beige and yellow. Big cat, very sweet. #3608

CAT: Red & white Heeler mix found near the Village of Placitas (Camino de las Huertas) the last week of May. Female with long tail. #3610

2 KITTENS: one grey kitten and one black kitten found in the Village of Placitas, not far from the Catholic Church, on June 6th. #3612&3613

HORSE: Small, young horse found, wesy of the Village of Placitas off Tunnel Springs Rd. #3616

KITTEN: Black kitten found south of the Village of Placitas on June 22nd near Highway 165. #3617

PUPPY: White & Black medium size male dog/puppy found in Ranchos de Placitas (Chapparal Rd) on June 23rd. (See Photo) #3617


CAT: Dark grey Cat, with a little bit of white on feet and belly, seen the last week of May in Placitas Trails (Roadrunner Trail). #3606

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Bosque's Pet Prints

I need to remind my mom about
unconditional love.”


Mail your favorite pet photos,
along with a caption and photo credit to:
Signpost, P. O. Box 889,
Placitas, NM 87043 or
email digital photos to

Do you have an evacuation plan for your animals?

—Animal Protection of New Mexico

The Los Conchas fire in and around Los Alamos has burned many thousands of acres. Most Los Alamos residents were evacuated. APNM urges all New Mexicans to bring their animals with them when evacuating from any disaster.

Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM) is reminding citizens evacuating their homes because of fire or other emergency to take their animals to safety. Listen to advice from New Mexico’s first responders, “Remember your six P’s: people, pets, pills, personal computers, papers and pictures.” No animal should be abandoned in an evacuated or unsafe area and all animals, from reptiles to dogs, must be taken to a safe location where they will be provided with care. 

Large animals and livestock should also be evacuated. If residents are unequipped to truck livestock to safety, they should at least unlock and open barns, gates and fences so that animals who are not removed can take themselves to safety and rescue crews are not compromised spending time forcing entry into locked buildings containing animals.  

APNM’s Executive Director, Lisa Jennings, says “It is not an option to leave animals behind in dangerous situations. We’re responsible for all of our domestic animals, whether or not it’s convenient. Evacuees may not be returning to their property as quickly as they imagine and domestic animals are ill equipped to survive without food, water, fresh air and human care. During the Cerro Grande fire many rescue crews risked their lives trying to free livestock, horses and other animals from locked barns or buildings as the flames surrounded them. Confining animals inside a building and abandoning them is simply unacceptable and dangerous for the animals and people.”

When evacuating with your animals be sure to attach identifying information containing your name and contact data to the animal’s collar, harness, cage or tank. Bring leashes, carriers or tie outs, as well as water, food and medication that your animals may need.

Animal Protection of New Mexico encourages all families to include animals in their emergency plans and arrange for their safe transportation and care before a crisis strikes.


Espanola Valley Humane Society is taking in animal evacuees from the fire. They are accepting dogs, cats and caged pets and are setting up a staging area for poultry, horses, donkeys, goats and sheep in small numbers. Call (505) 753-8662 or (505) 470-1278. Donations of dry pet food, non-clumping cat litter and litter boxes, paper bowls, crates and towels are sought. Contact by email if you can help:

Santa Fe Animal Shelter is accepting dogs and cats, and serving as a coordination point for companion animal evacuees. It is extending its phone lines to receive emergency calls from 9 AM to Midnight.  Contact Mary Martin at (505) 983-4309, ext. 606.

Santa Fe Horse Park is coordinating the evacuation of equines (horses, mules, donkeys) in the area. Call (505) 471-6654.

New Mexican Horseman’s Association is currently full to capacity, but its staff may be able to direct horse owners in need to other resources. Call Jack at (505) 471-6654.

Española Wildlife Center specializes in wild animals, however, they will be accepting pet rabbits, ducks and other birds. Call 505-753-9505.

Hutton Broadcasting is matching up evacuees with hosts, including hosts who can house animals: (505) 471-1067

Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque is sheltering both people and their pets. Call 505-455-3313.




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