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Mary Gurule

Mary Gurule

Happy 100th birthday, Mary

—Vivian DeLara

Mary Gurule was born on July 6, 1912. She was born in the year New Mexico became a state. Mary was born in the village of Placitas on what is known as Paseo de San Antonio. She was born on one side of the street to Nicolas and Eutimia Salazar where her parents lived and was raised on the other side of the street by her grandparents Miguel and Theresa Archibeque.

Mary had two other siblings and she was very close to them. Their names were Theresa and Gaspar Salazar. She lived a happy life with her grandparents, and they spoiled her. She also remembers they were very strict and did not allow her to go out with other cousins and friends. She went to grade school in Placitas where she met the man that would eventually become her husband. His name was Martin Gurule. Years later they fell in love and married. They settled down to life in Placitas. Mary remembers that they lived in Bernalillo for a short time. They also lived in a house next to Budagers Gas Station and Store off of Interstate 25. Every time they moved they would return to Placitas until they finally returned for good.

She has seen great changes in Placitas in one hundred years. Some are good changes, while others are not so good. Mary gave birth to six children. Their names were Angie, Sally, Jerry, Ruth, Martin and George. Two of her children are not living anymore. Mary has many grandchildren and great grandchildren. There are plans to have a Birthday celebration of her life with a big name banner, lots of great food, and, of course, cake.

We are glad you were born, and we wish you, Mary, the best birthday ever. May you spend the day with the people that love you the most. We are proud to have a centurion in our midst.

Angie Trujillo

Angie Trujillo teaches Dominique Niles how to preserve beans at the Jemez Valley Canning Center
Photo credit: —Sandoval County Extension Service

Jemez Valley’s Angie Trujillo retires

Angie Trujillo has retired from the Jemez Valley Canning Center after thirty years of service as the facility coordinator. The canning center, located at Jemez Valley High School, is co-sponsored by Jemez Valley Public Schools, Sandoval County Government, and New Mexico State University.

The canning center was started in the early 1970s to teach residents how to safely preserve fruits and vegetables for home use only. Canning centers nationwide were once under the Food and Nutrition Act passed by Congress. The country had just gone through a recession and to insure that people didn’t go hungry, food preservation became popular.

The canning center at Jemez is the only one left in the nation due to the commitment and support from the above entities. Many others faced budget cuts.

Angie’s commitment and hard work at the center has served the residents of Sandoval County. Angie was a dedicated employee who made this facility available to high school students, pueblo residents, seniors, and many other groups that wanted to work together.

County residents and local clubs such as 4-H and the Rio Rancho Garden Club have benefited from the canning center. Many fruit preservation businesses have begun due to the exposure at the canning center.

Angie went out of her way to accommodate many groups by staying late and working many Saturdays to accommodate residents and farmer’s needs. She will be missed by many, but at the same time, we want her to enjoy life.

Sandoval County Commissioners and NMSU Cooperative Extension Service are grateful to the Jemez Valley Public Schools for providing the facility. They are equally dedicated to help support the canning center and the hiring of a new caretaker.

For more information, contact Steve M. Lucero at 867-2582.

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