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re: closed cars are dangerous in hot weather

To prevent the tragedies that occurred last year when children and pets were left in closed vehicles in hot weather, I’m asking that stores, offices, and other businesses place a sign at their entrances to remind people of the danger. The ASPCA has an infographic you may download from their website at Or you can just write out your own sign, letting your customers or visitors know that when it’s a mere eighty degrees outside, a car will be a staggering 114 degrees in less than thirty minutes. Cracking the window an inch or so will not stop overheating. Shade offers little protection and moves with time.

A simple sign could prevent suffering, maybe even save a life.

—Lin Robinson

re: citizens of the Unusual States of America

May 24, 2015—This weekend we honor our fallen soldiers.

This country is full of softening euphemisms and “fallen” is one of them. LIFE magazine was founded in the 1930s. In its early incarnation, the writers and photographers and editors were straightforward in their reporting on WWII, but it was not until the end of the war that our soldiers appeared in its pages in startling black and white, on the battlefield, slaughtered.

On a beach lies one lone body, an American soldier half-buried in wet sand, pushed by the waves into a position that caused his lifeless right arm to point straight for the sky like a church steeple.

Multiply that photograph by four hundred thousand, and throw in a shot of two Marines knocking at the door of a Gold Star mother in Ohio who already has two stars posted on her front window.

We Americans do not have a holiday to commemorate Wall Street. We do not have a holiday to honor our disingenuous self-aggrandizing politicians. We do not enjoy a three-day weekend of camping and fishing thanks to our respect for corporate CEOs. These are the men who make the decisions that put our soldiers in harm’s way. When did the exceptional USA embrace war as a business opportunity? Is this in our blood?

In honor of the fallen, I suggest an amendment to the Constitution that states that no individual, business, or corporation may profit, from any endeavor, during wartime. All profit goes to the war effort. When the war ends, we may then go back to entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Goal: stop using our soldiers as cannon fodder for the greed strategies of capitalist war profiteers.

—R. McGeddon

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