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Judy and Orville McCallister listen as Placitas Chamber of Commerce president Jennise Phillips reads a plaque recognizing their contributions to the Placitas community. Tom Ashe holds the plaque presented during Placitas Appreciation Day supported annually by the McCallisters and held at Homestead Village, a Placitas shopping plaza which their family developed.
—Photo credit: Bill Diven

Historical workshop seeks counter-culture stories

—Judy Goldberg

We are seeking applicants to participate in a workshop that focuses on producing stories about, and inspired by, 1960s and 1970s counter culture in New Mexico. The workshop will run from October 14-16 at the New Mexico History Museum and Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe.

Inspired by the revolutionary movements of the 1960s, we are looking for people who want to tell their own stories of the times. We are working with five communities around the state: Las Vegas, Taos, Dixon, Placitas, and Silver City. We are seeking two members of each community to participate in this free fall workshop:

  • An individual who lived in New Mexico between 1960-1975 and has personal stories connecting them to “Counter Culture.”
  • A younger resident (roughly mid thirties or younger) who currently connects with the themes around alternative living, civil rights, environmentalism, art as a form of activism, spirituality and migration.

Two inter-generational participants will be selected from five distinct New Mexico communities (totaling ten participants) to craft personal stories, record their voices, and pull photos from their own scrapbooks to assemble a three-minute digital story. The stories from this workshop will become part of the Museum counter culture exhibit, opening in May, 2017, to illustrate individuals’ roles in shaping history. The stories will offer New Mexican perspectives on the legacies we carry and the history we are creating today, as a result of those times.

For more information, contact Judy Goldberg at To access online application, go to or email us at

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2016.

Rio Rancho mayor initiates meetings with Navajo residents of Rio Rancho

—Ray Begaye

The Rio Rancho Mayor Greggory D. Hull has graciously agreed to hold quarterly meetings to address and support Navajo constituents who live in Rio Rancho. The first one is scheduled on June 29, 2016, at 9:00 a.m., at the Mayor’s Office in Rio Rancho.

The Honorable Former NM Representative Ray Begaye of the Navajo Nation is advocating for the Navajo residents of Rio Rancho with a request to develop consistent dialogue with the City of Rio Rancho. This will help facilitate the growing population from the Navajo Nation who have recently moved to Rio Rancho. The objective of this meeting is to give Navajos a voice, as they are a growing population in Rio Rancho. This new quarterly meeting will also address additional minority issues in the future as a standing quarterly meeting. A few of the items to be discussed are:

  • To organize a drive to register Navajo voters
  • To request a Proclamation of a First Nation’ Day for Rio Rancho
  • Request to use some of the Event Center Space for Cultural Heritage Displays and a Fair
  • To request bus routes to enable our citizens more access to services, shopping, and events.

The participants are: Reverends Sean Bennally and Ray Perry of the All Nations’ Indian Church in Rio Rancho; Pamela Engstrom of The Torun Group, LLC; Wayne Sandoval, President of the San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant; Eugene Rinaldi, Consultant and Mick McGovern, Chaplain of the Disabled American Veterans’ Association, Chapter 5; Special participants Former Sandoval County Commissioner Orlando Lucero and the Honorable Lemuel Martinez, the 13 District Attorney of Sandoval, Grants and Cibola Counties will also be attending as well as invited guests who wish to provide input.

For further information, contact Orlando Lucero at 377-4363.
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