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Dave Harper (right) and friendAnimal Hotline is a nonprofit community service for lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo
P. O. B. 812, Placitas, NM 87043
To report a lost or found animal, Call Dave Harper at 867-6135 or e-mail

People with pets for adoption or sale should place a Signpost classified ad or consider a $5 donation to the Animal Hotline to run the information in this column. Lost and found listings and doptions for found animals are run in the column for free.

For lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo, call Dave Harper at 867-6135


Cat: Black, unneutered male cat lost from near Cedar Creek subdivision, about 3 miles north of the Village of Placitas. Lost May 27. #1789.


Kittens: 3 kittens found (possibly dumped) near the forest entrance just west of the S Curves in Placitas. 2 black, 1 black and white. Found May 25. #1785, 1786, #1787.

Cat: Black, unneutered, male cat with white spot on his chest, found west of the village of Placitas on Camino de los Desmontes (near Placitas Heights) on May 18. #1794.

Dog: Blonde, neutered male dog, about 30 lbs., found north of the Village of Placitas on Camino de las Huertas on May 21. Looks to be an indoor dog, about 6 years old. #1795


George the cat - Needs good home

Cat: Grey and white male cat (soon to be neutered) available to a good home. Friendly, good mouser. Was found in April about 3 miles north of the Village of Placitas. "George" needs a good home. (See photo above). Call Dave at 867-6135 or 263-2266.

Animal News


Wild horses near Sundance Mesa, Placitas, NM

Wild Horse Legislation—Update

    U.S. House of Representatives

The threat of a trip to the slaughterhouse will no longer haunt the wild horses roaming the Nation's public lands, as the U.S. House of Representatives tonight [May 19, 2005] approved a measure to reinstate the federal government's humane policy of protecting these animals from senseless death, declared U.S. Representative Nick J. Rahall (D-WV).

... With the votes of seventy-eight House Republicans, the amendment passed with 249 votes.

... The bipartisan amendment prevents funds from being used by the Bureau of Land Management to implement the rider attached to last December's omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal year 2005 that allowed the sale for slaughter of wild horses. The rider overturned thirty-four years of federal policy protecting wild horses from the commercial sale for slaughter. Recently, forty-one horses were sent to a slaughterhouse as a result of the change in the law.

In March, BLM Director Clarke testified before the Forest and Forest Health Subcommittee, "We have no legal authority to intervene after the animal is sold and a bill of sale is completed."

——House Committee on Resources, Democratic Staff, (202) 226-1736, www.

Editor’s Note: The 249-159 House vote would stop the Bureau of Land Management from using any money in a $26.2 billion bill funding next year's natural resources and arts programs to sell horses that roam public lands in Western states For the this House legislation to become law, it also must be passed by the Senate and signed by the President.

    New Mexico State Legislature

Senator Steve Komadina (R-Corrales) sponsored a herd of bills relating to horses, none of which passed. SB 67 would have prohibited the slaughter of horses. (SB 585 declared the New Mexico horse as the state horse.) SB 861 dealt with the genetic testing and relocation of wild horses—the animal protection provisions prohibiting the slaughter of wild horses were stripped in committee. SJM 41 promoted wild horse tourism.

——2005 Session Wrap-up,






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