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Man on the Street

Signpost’s Man on the Street


I asked high school students, “What are you going to do with your summer?”


Bill Goodson

"I'll be working more hours at the feed store. We're also having a family reunion in Oklahoma, where I plan to do a lot of fishing."

—Bill Goodson


Mike Flores

"I'm going to be working with a subcontractor on a roofing crew. When I graduate, I'll attend college at UNM." 

—Mike Flores


Zoe Patterson

"For fun, I'll be backpacking and camping in the Pecos, but I'll also be working as a babysitter and at the Placitas day-care camp." 

—Zoe Patterson


Joseph Gutierrez

"My plan is to work with a neighbor who's an electrician and take night classes at TVI." 

—Joseph Gutierrez


Mary Feldkamp

"I'll be cooking at the Piñon Café and attending my best friend's graduation in Virginia."

—Mary Feldkamp






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