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John Rice

John Rice

New Mexico Community Capital announces new appointment of John Rice

New Mexico Community Capital (NMCC) announced today that John R. Rice has been named president of its IMPACT-New Mexico Business Growth Services. IMPACT-NM enhances the entrepreneurial capacity of New Mexican small businesses, particularly in under-invested areas such as Sandoval County, by providing high-level talent and services that would otherwise be unavailable. As a result, businesses in these locales can accelerate the delivery of their products and services to state, national, and global markets, and create good-paying jobs in their communities.

A key strength of IMPACT-NM is its ability to provide high quality, expert entrepreneurial assistance through experienced executives like Rice. This assistance includes management and operational assistance ranging from marketing to finance, resource enhancement streaming from business leader education programs and, when appropriate, referrals to other funding sources and strategic partners. For more information about NMCC, email or call (505) 924-2820.

Anil Poovadan

Anil Poovadan

Ancient East meets ancient West

The Atmabodh Yoga Studio recently celebrated its seventh anniversary in Bernalillo. Anil Poovadan and his wife Janice moved into their Victorian adobe house on Camino del Pueblo in 2000, and he has been teaching Hatha Yoga to all levels of students ever since.

The path that brought him here started in India where his mother studied yoga with the renowned B.K.S. Iyenger. Anil learned a hands-on approach to yoga from the master himself when he was called upon to help rehabilitate his mother’s arm injury that had healed improperly.

After college, he moved to California to join his family. There he worked for IBM for ten years before taking an early retirement and moving to New Mexico. Anil and Janice did a brief stint as caretakers of the ghost town in Bland Canyon before moving to Placitas in 1995. At that time, he renewed his yoga teaching.

Anil is still known for his hands-on approach used to guide his students toward greater flexibility. “It’s difficult to tell someone how to move a muscle,” he explained. “My approach helps people to get out of familiar patterns and connect muscle with mind. The Iyengar technique is designed to keep the spine flexible and give students a sense of their own backs.” Hatha Yoga can correct problems with internal organs and lead to a higher state of health and awareness.

Anil moves throughout the room, correcting postures and giving individual instruction. His students say he has an uncanny awareness of blockages and imbalances and an ability to correct them by gentle touch and guidance.

On Saturday mornings, the studio becomes a Zendo. Practitioners of Zen meditation study under the guidance of longtime teacher Joan Rieck in the Sanbo Kyodan line of Zen (

“I enjoy the mix of people that comes into the studio. It’s a crossroads right on the Camino Real, one of the oldest routes in America,” said Anil. “Atmabodh Yoga Studio is a place where the ancient East meets the ancient West.”

For more information or to inquire about a free first class, call 867-9222 or email

Bernalillo’s Silva’s Saloon named to Esquire magazine’s list of Best Bars in America

You’re having: a Tecate with a wedge, and a Herradura Reposado. In New Mexico, which is in fact more old than new, going anywhere is pretty much like going to church. So it is with Silva’s Saloon, opened the day after Prohibition ended and serving under one family as the gathering place for the area’s ranchers, chile farmers, and drifters ever since. The hats of dead patrons hang from the rafters, and today’s customers are their descendants, who commune at the O-shaped bar under their ancestors’ millinery, a reminder of mortality out here on the former Route 66, ten miles outside Albuquerque. Lining the walls is a museum of license plates, stuffed roosters, a bottle of mezcal worms, and a very large array of signs meant to keep you in line (THE POOL TABLE CLOSES AT 8). All the fading topless pictures are kept stapled up neatly. It’s a clean kind of creaky, all dust-to-dust with none of the dirt. Somebody must love it. (955 Camino del Pueblo, Bernalillo; (505) 867-9976).

[Reprinted from Esquire magazine]

The Day Spa at Serenity Gardens to close on June 16

Barbara Kline Hammond, manager of The Day Spa at Serenity Gardens (owned and operated by Serenity Gardens, LLC), announced in May that she is closing down the spa on Saturday, June 16. The public is invited to a closing party and fundraiser to benefit People Living Through Cancer that evening from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Serenity Gardens, 3824 Corrales Road, in Corrales.

“I founded Serenity Gardens in 2003 after I moved here from California because I was dealing with some frightening and debilitating health problems, and I wanted to create a special environment that could provide safe, relaxing, nurturing, and healing treatments for myself and others,” Kline Hammond said.

“With the help of a wonderful group of therapists, support staff, colleagues, friends, and clients, we succeeded in creating just such an environment—and I’m very proud of that accomplishment,” she added.

Kline Hammond also said that as her own health improved, she found herself drawn back to her first love: public relations and marketing. “Once the spa closes, I will refocus my energies on my nineteen-year-old business, Breakthru Communications, which I founded in Silicon Valley to serve high technology firms.”

People wanting more information about the fundraiser may call Barbara Kline Hammond at Breakthru Communications, 899-8578.





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