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Coin collecting for beginners

On June 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the Esther Bone Memorial Library (950 Pinetree Road SE in Rio Rancho), John Fryer from the Albuquerque Coin Club will offer a beginner’s workshop on how to get started collecting coins. He will discuss different ways to collect and handle coins, store numismatic collections, and also offer a brief history of money from its earliest forms through today. No sign-ups are necessary to attend. For additional information, call (505) 891-5012, option 3.

Holy Water and Whiskey

Holy Water and Whiskey is an Albuquerque vocal trio that plays acoustic traditional, folk, bluegrass, gospel, cowboy, and selected “whisky” tunes. Bassist Maggie Washburne and Bruce Washburne, guitarist and banjo player, met and married in Hawaii in 1977 and have been playing music together ever since. In 2003, they added guitarist Scott Altenbach, a Colorado native, and Holy Water and Whiskey was formed.

On June 17 from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m., the trio will perform a concert at the Loma Colorado Main Library auditorium located at 755 Loma Colorado Drive NE in Rio Rancho. Free tickets are available at the adult information desk. Audiences appreciate the close and sweet harmonies, the interesting variety of songs, and the human stories that those songs tell. They also enjoy the delightful jokes and friendly rapport that the group creates with the audience. For information, call the library at (505) 891-5013, extension 3033, or visit the trio’s Web site at

Introducing the New Mexico Chronicles

—Ralph Churchill
New Mexico attracts and enchants. People come here for inspiration, a new start, a search for meaning, or to escape something or someone. The underlying forces that bring people here may be practical, whimsical or even accidental. There are conventional reasons, such as jobs, the weather, Balloon Fiesta, green chiles, etc., but it is the longer, more intimate stories, filled with insights and observations that are most intriguing. The New Mexico Chronicles is a Project about understanding New Mexico as a destination and as part of a life-long journey. The Project’s premise is that New Mexico is a land of opportunity and enchantment; it is also a place for discovery, renewal and personal growth. The Project chronicles the individual paths and reasons that led people here initially and why they now view New Mexico as home. Through others’ experiences, we may come to understand the “sense of place” that is New Mexico.

For those of us who currently live here, these Chronicles will encourage personal growth and enhance our understanding and tolerance of others. We may all gain insight into our own lives.

The purpose of the New Mexico Chronicles Project is to collect individual feelings, impressions and experiences to explore the breadth and complexity of reasons for being here. It is not to judge, only to provide a complete and accurate reporting of each individual’s views and perceptions of their journey.

Please share your own story with others. Please contact The Project at to get started, or jjoin the Blog at If you need assistance, or if you would like someone to interview you instead, just leave an e-mail.

An excerpt from the website:

George Won’t Tell

February, NM Chronicles

Hello, my name is George. I live in Albuquerque, retired after a career in the Air Force. I chose Albuquerque and New Mexico because it was always one of my favorite places...
when I was in the service.

I joined the Air Force right out of high school and spent the next 30 plus years in the service. I guess I never had the ambition or talent to be an officer, but I enjoyed my time with the Air Force and believe that I served my country the best I could.

My first tour at Kirtland was in the ’60s and I watched Albuquerque change and grow over several tours here. I was a medical technician and got to see some of the early NASA astronaut programs and the Lovelace people. It has been interesting to watch Albuquerque and Lovelace grow since then.

The major reason that New Mexico has fascinated me all of this time is the variety of outdoor activities. Even in the early days, when a lot of my buddies would use their time off to go into town, I found myself exploring fishing spots throughout the state. Each time I returned to Kirtland, I ventured further away and have found some places where the fishing is good and there is beautiful scenery to boot. Now, I’m not going to tell you where any of those spots are! I still go to the same places and the fishing is still good and the scenery is still beautiful.

I’m originally from Florida and considered retiring there. But it’s too hot, too wet and there are too many “old people”. So, I’m fortunate to have my health, a good pension from the Air Force and plenty of time to fish. I’ve been doing some odd jobs in our neighborhood and that has provided me a little extra cash to add to my pension. Unfortunately, I spend most of it on fishing gear.






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