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John Singletary and Erik Pino-Perez, both seniors at Independence High School,
launch their anti-DWI app.

Independence High students build App to combat DWI

Two Independence High School students have built a mobile app that they hope will convince their peers and others not to drink and drive. John Singletary and Erik Pino-Perez, both seniors at Independence High School launched their anti-DWI app on May 3 with a demo at the Sandoval County Administration Building. Marla Peters, a teacher at Independence learned of a grant awarded to Rio Rancho Public Schools specifically for the purpose of increasing student involvement in digital media. She didn’t have to do much convincing to get Singletary and Pino-Perez on board to begin their development of their anti-drink-and-drive app. The app provides users with links that provide information about the effects of alcohol on the body, including symptoms of alcohol poisoning. It contains a calculator that can measure the user’s estimated blood alcohol content but also comes with a disclaimer explaining that the numbers are only estimates and the app in no way protects the user from a DWI arrest. The final product will be available at Goggle Play, the app store for Android devices and Apple’s App Store.

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