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Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association

—Chris Daul

Sandoval County Commissioner James Dominguez was in attendance at the last Board Meeting to discuss the resolution that he will introduce at the Sandoval County Commission meeting on June 4, 2015. The resolution, which was drafted by ES-CA and Las Placitas Association, directs the Sandoval County Manager to attempt to enter into an agreement with the Bureau of Land Management, to permit the County to apply its zoning laws to any type of mining that BLM may permit on the Buffalo Tract of land. We are waiting for the final draft from the County. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Commission meeting on June 4. The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. and will be at the County Administration Building on Idalia Road in Bernalillo (on the west side of the river).

Concerning the current mining situation, Dick Ulmer reported that a new judge has been assigned to handle the lawsuit between the County and Vulcan (Lafarge). The judge will first have to rule if ES-CA can be a party to the suit. Vulcan has expressed an interest to meet with the parties to discuss possible resolutions to the matter. ES-CA continues to maintain that Vulcan is out of compliance with their County-approved non-conforming use and that this issue must be addressed first.

 NM DOT is still adding signage and tweaking lane markings to make the I 25/Rt. 165/Rt. 550 interchange safer. ES-CA will continue to monitor this issue and work with NM DOT. Please advise the Board of any issues that you encounter or observe at the interchange.

ES-CA is scheduling a public safety forum for this September. This forum will present representatives from the Sandoval County Fire Department and the Sheriff’s office, as well as our local Fire Chief.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 1, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Placitas Fire Station on Rt. 165. All are welcome to attend.

re: thanks to our officers

We have some wonderful heroes working for us here in Sandoval County: Animal Control Officers Lawrence Tafoya and Bryan Frank. Sandoval County stretches to nearly four thousand square miles and encompasses a very diverse cultural population. Considering their jurisdiction includes the Jemez area, Rio Rancho, Cochiti Lake, Corrales, Placitas, part of the East Mountains, and many more, it is hard to imagine how two dedicated and caring officers like these can do as much good as they do. My experience with them over the past couple of years has been completely positive. These two professionals deal with people very even-handedly and really should be treated with great respect especially these days when people moving into Placitas think we are some kind of Out West and neighbors be damned especially when it comes to dogs and dog barking out of control and sometimes take their anger out on these two wonderful men. We aren’t the Wild West, and it takes a lot of soul-searching to bring Officer Tafoya and Officer Frank into the equation to try to keep a once peaceful and respectful neighborhood just that—yet they come out and treat everyone fairly. They have a hard job. My experience with them has been great. So, gratitude is expressed to these two very nice Sandoval County employees.

—Chris Huber, Placitas

re: bad dogs

I walk every morning. My neighbors in Ranchos know me as the guy who wears shorts year round and a bright yellow cap. Placitas is a beautiful area to walk, and the hills provide a good aerobic workout.

But whenever I walk down one street, I am greeted by three hysterical small dogs whose high pitched frenetic barking is not only unsettling, it’s annoying. The dogs bark as soon as they catch sight of me coming down the road and continue barking a minute or two after I pass the house. The owners are home so it is not as if they are not aware of this barking. But I have not once heard the dog’s owners try to calm the dogs or stop their barking.

There is just no excuse for this. It is annoying to me, who has done nothing to upset these dogs except walk down the road. But more importantly, it is rude and inconsiderate to the neighbors who have to hear this hysterical alarm go off every time a person walks past. I can hear their barking from my house, which is about a half mile away.

I hope the dogs’ owners read this letter and I hope they decide to be good neighbors and do something to calm and control their dogs.

—Gary W. Priester, Ranchos de Placitas

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