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Sandoval County Detention Center breakout

~Signpost Staff

Public release of details on how two men escaped from the Sandoval County Detention Center (SCDC) was delayed in late May until county officials could review results of an outside investigation.

SCDC Warden Matthew Elwell appeared before county commissioner on May 18 to talk about the escape but said the consultant's report wasn't expected until the next day. He said he would release whatever information didn't compromise security at the jail, located off State Road 528 in western Bernalillo.

SCDC was conducting its own investigation, as was the Sandoval County Sheriff's Office. Early reports indicated a breach in the recreation yard fence that gave access to the jail roof.

The two inmates from Albuquerque, Blake McPherson, 21, and Paul Garcia, 25, escaped before the 11:00 p.m. headcount on May 5 and made their way to a construction site a short distance away on the south side of US Highway 550. The men shed their orange jail jump suits there and, apparently wearing their jail-issued thermal underwear and footwear, continued east crossing the Rio Grande on the US 550 bridge.

They reached the Bernalillo home of a friend of Garcia's where they were given clothing and made several phone calls. A relative of Garcia's then picked them up at another Bernalillo home and drove them to Albuquerque where the pair split up.

A tip to police led to McPherson's capture the next day at an Albuquerque apartment complex. Garcia remained free for one more day before another tip prompted his arrest in Valencia County.

At last report, McPherson was back in SCDC while Garcia was in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center.

Garcia had been brought from Bernalillo County to SCDC for a hearing related to mail thefts in Placitas. He and Elexus Groves of Albuquerque had been arrested after allegedly trying to break into mailboxes off State Road 165 about a mile from Interstate 25 in December.

Garcia was arrested at the mailboxes, while Groves fled in her car only to crash during a police pursuit in Bernalillo.

Three weeks later, Garcia and Groves allegedly stole a work van warming up in an Albuquerque driveway fleeing at high speed until they crashed into a car killing Shaunna Arredondo-Boling and her 14-year-old daughter Shaylee. Groves was arrested two days later, Garcia two weeks later, and both have been charged with murder and other crimes.

Husband suspected of killing his wife to remain locked up

~Bill Diven

The Placitas resident accused of murdering his wife as she slept on April 22 has been deemed a danger to the community and denied release from jail while the case against him proceeds.

Court records indicate Thomas Goodridge, 72, said he was taking medication for bipolar disorder and for some time had been hearing voices telling him he and his wife were both going to be harmed. The nature of the harm is not specified, but investigators quote him as saying he could only prevent it from happening by taking her life.

Prosecutors contend that while Goodridge's trial attorney may cite mental illness as a defense, it's also possible his tale is an "elaborate lie." The Goodridges had been married for 43 years, and Thomas called Anna "the best" during his interview with investigators.

Anna Goodridge, 76, died in her bed after being beaten in the head with a rock, according to investigators. Thomas Goodridge then called 911 shortly after 2:00 a.m. to report the murder and was dressed and waiting outside their northwest Placitas home when two Sandoval County sheriff's officers arrived.

On May 2, District Judge Louis McDonald ordered Goodrich held without bond. Two days later, a grand jury indicted him for first-degree murder on an open count that includes the lesser charges of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.

Anna Goodridge is described in her obituary as a longtime Albuquerque teacher who loved working with children and especially enjoyed teaching art. She was a member of the Placitas Spirits Art Group and showed her work in local galleries.

A brief profile in the June 2013 Signpost when her art was featured at the Placitas Community Library described her as an Indiana farm girl who developed her powers of observation by playing in the woods, fields, cornfields, and barns around her home.

She was returned to Indiana for burial, and a memorial service is being planned for Placitas in July. Memorial contributions can be made to the Placitas Community Library to the attention of Children's Programs at P.O. Box 445, Placitas, NM, 87043.

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