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Champion yourself to health and happiness

A presentation in Santa Fe by Larry Dossey, MD, and the New Mexico coaching community

In celebration of Coaching Month, Larry Dossey, MD, will join the New Mexico coaching community on February 28 in an evening of vision and inspiration entitled “Champion Yourself to Brilliant Health and Happiness.” The author of eight books, including Healing Beyond the Body, Dr. Dossey will address the issue of spirituality as it relates to health, offering his panoramic insight into the nature of true healing. His premise is that there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that spiritual behaviors and beliefs crucially affect our health.

“I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives,“ states Dossey. “Now I consider this a false choice. We can recover the sense of sacredness, not just in science, but in perhaps every area of life.“

Preceding Dossey’s presentation, a panel of professional coaches will discuss the benefits of coaching and the future of coaching as it relates to overall health and well-being. Light refreshments will be served after the presentation, and Dossey will be available to sign his books, which will be sold by Bound To Be Read, an Albuquerque-based independent bookstore.

Dossey’s work has had a remarkable impact on the medical community. He is a physician of internal medicine and has become an internationally influential advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in health care. He has lectured all over the world, including major medical schools and hospitals in the United States. Since his book Healing Words was published in 1993, nearly eighty medical schools have instituted courses devoted to exploring the role of religious practice and prayer in health, many of which utilize Dossey’s works as textbooks. Dossey lives in Santa Fe with his wife, Barbara.

The presentation will be preceded by a panel discussion by professional coaches who are members of the New Mexico coaching community and represent a variety of coaching styles and applications. The New Mexico coaching community, also known as the Land of Enchantment Chapter, is a branch of the International Coach Federation, the largest independent nonprofit professional association of personal and business coaches in the world.

Professional coaches provide ongoing partnerships designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. New Age magazine recently stated: “In recent years, coaches have emerged as the newest breed of ‘life consultants.’ Drawing upon psychology, career counseling, management consulting, spiritual precepts, motivational training, and common sense, this growing cadre of experts is helping people to get out of a rut, stretch themselves in new ways, and dare to follow their bliss. You might call these coaches personal trainers for the soul.

The presentation will take place on Friday, February 28, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 107 W. Barcelona, Santa Fe. There will be a $15 charge at the door. For more information, call Rebecca Skeele, at 984-1739. This event is not an activity of the Unitarian Church.






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