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PVFB plans recruit class in April

The PVFB recently celebrated its thirtieth year of providing emergency services to the Placitas area, as well as offering help to our neighboring towns in instances of structural fires. The brigade’s volunteer personnel responds to 911 calls of both medical and fire emergencies. To meet this demand (more than three hundred calls per year), the department needs to increase its volunteer membership, which provides the responders to these emergencies. The department offers recruit classes during the spring and fall of each year.

The recruit class is designed as an entry-level course that prepares new members with the basic training needed to participate safely, effectively, and helpfully in emergency scenes.

The course runs for approximately thirty hours. The training will be both instructional and hands-on, and will feature such learning experiences as CPR, fire-ground safety, and hazardous-materials awareness. It will prepare recruits to function as support personnel on fire and medical emergency scenes.

Additional training opportunities allow members to gain certification as firefighters and emergency medical responders. The spring course this year will take place in April with approximately eight sessions: two-hour evening classes, day and weekend classes, and an eight-hour Saturday exercise. Being a trained volunteer has provided most members with the experience of being helpful to the community at large as well as the ability to act in crisis. It also provides the opportunity to learn new life-coping skills, enjoy the camaraderie of friendly and supportive members, and in some cases, open the way to new careers.

The recruit class is open to all residents of Placitas and Bernalillo, and a cadet-level entry is also available for those sixteen through eighteen years old. If you are interested in this opportunity for training and service, call Tom Quirk at 867-9706 to get more information and sign up for a one-hour prospective-member session so you can make an informed decision about joining the PVFB.


Last month, Sandoval County and the New Mexico Highway Department erected this sign in Placitas near the site of Danielle Romero’s death. She was killed when a drunk driver crossed the center line and struck her car head-on. The sign is being decorated with roses by the Romero family and friends whose activism prompted the Highway Department to erect the sign as a reminder to not drink and drive and to commemorate the life of Danielle Romero.

Forest Service begins fuel reduction, meadow restoration

The United States Forest Service, Sandia Ranger District, is planning a fuels-reduction project adjacent to the village of Tijeras. The total project area makes up approximately nine hundred acres. The proposed fuel break of about 120 acres includes fuel reduction of piñon and juniper in about an area about one hundred to three hundred feet wide along the perimeter of the project area. In addition, the project includes approximately 20 percent of additional treatment, including meadow restoration and some additional thinning to improve forest health and reduce fire danger.

“As we enter the first phase of the environmental analysis process,” said Karen Takai of the forest service, “we invite any issues or concerns you might have regarding this project. Your response helps us identify significant issues associated with the proposed action. This information will be utilized in the environmental analysis.”

Comments are to be received by March 5, as this will allow the forest service to meet its planning schedule. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about firewood, please contact Jeremy Hanlon, fuels project coordinator, at 281-3304.




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