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Gene McClain - Photo by Bill Diven

My art making began with 30 years of teaching high school art in North Kansas City, Missouri. My teaching methods combined creativity and problem solving, with an understanding of art history. I value the experiences I had and the opportunities to share my passion for art with nearly 3,000 young people.

My interest in moving in many directions at once came out of my teaching experience. To keep the kids interested I kept inventing new projects for them to work on. I also keep myself interested by playing with new materials and ideas.

I find myself now making things to continue an exploration of my world. My paintings, furniture, and sculpture are synthesizing the world I live in from a local and global perspective.

I love paint – the way it is applied on canvas, furniture, and sculpture. My furniture pieces are paintings.

It is important to me that my work says something of our everyday world: Memories, cultural views, etc. I create art to elicit a response.

Retablos beyond the ordinary!

Creating beyond the ordinary for 40 years, Gene’s works have been active interpretations of his daily living. Humor creeps into his statements of political, cultural, and spiritual phenomenon, through inventive forms and lively colors. His venue includes paintings of invention, furniture of a whimsical nature, fanciful sculptures, and now, modern Retablos.

The artist’s current work in Retablos creates new challenges and artistic events. According to Webster, a Retablo is an altarpiece, a religious picture hung as a votive or offering,  or a series of pictures. The pictures can tell a story, offer gratitude, or express a wish or desire. Wow! Each Retablo is a wood three- dimensional carved wall piece that is hand painted to tell a story of the chose individual. Enjoy his chosen subjects, or discuss with him your own.

Gene McClain’s Retablos will soon be available for on-line purchase and sales at

Gene McClain
(505) 771-0821
Studio visits by appointment:
13 Las Huertas Road
Placitas, NM 87043

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