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Signpost cartoon c. Rudi Klimpert

Uncle Duffy’s
punny jokes

• In medieval times there was a court jester whose wont was to come up with the most atrocious puns. This continued for months on end, whereupon the king lost his patience and sentenced the jester to be hanged.
The poor wretch was standing on the gallows with a rope around his neck when a messenger came riding posthaste from the castle, exclaiming, "Wait! The king has decided to spare the jester's life, provided that he never again tell another pun in public."
At this, the jester smiled and beamed, and said, "No noose is good news!"

• In a city in eastern Spain, there was a movie theater. The builders of the theater only put in a single emergency exit door, rather than the two required by law. Sure enough, there was a fire and several people were trampled to death.
The moral of the story: Don't put all your Basques in one exit.



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