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Lovelace Westside Hospital now welcoming babies

Lovelace Westside Hospital opened a new obstetrics unit—Lovelace Women’s Hospital Birthing Center on the campus of Lovelace Westside Hospital—on February 14.

The birthing center features nine labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms, as well as couplet care. It is equipped with state-of-the art technology and family-friendly amenities, such as in-room sleeping accommodations for a guest and wireless Internet access. The birthing center also features 24/7 anesthesiology coverage, an OB surgical suite for C-sections, and a lactation program.

Lovelace Women’s Hospital is operating the new birthing center and brings their high level of expertise to mothers and families on the Westside, having delivered more than 3,600 babies in 2010. This is the first time in 14 years that birthing services are available to residents on the Westside. The birthing center is staffed with 12 full-time Lovelace employees.

The birthing center’s first baby, Amirah San Manzanares, was born February 17 at 10:25 a.m. to Mallery Quetawki of Albuquerque. She weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces and was 18 inches long.

“Lovelace Women’s Hospital is proud to bring OB services to the Westside,” said Sheri Milone, CEO of Lovelace Women’s Hospital. “The Westside is a vibrant, fast-growing community, and we look forward to providing our commitment to excellence and passion for women’s health, from prenatal care to delivery and recovery.”

Lovelace Westside Hospital, on the northwest corner of Golf Course Road and McMahon Boulevard, renovated approximately 9,300 square feet on the second floor of the hospital to accommodate the birthing center. The project investment was $4.1 million.

“Bringing birthing services to the hospital is exciting for the residents of Albuquerque’s Westside and surrounding communities who otherwise would have to travel,” said Troy Greer, CEO of Lovelace Westside Hospital. “Families will benefit from the proximity of our hospital, as well as the wealth of knowledge and skill the Lovelace Women’s Hospital staff will bring to mothers.”

In addition to the renovation on the second floor, Lovelace Westside Hospital also underwent a significant facelift that included a new, updated look on the outside of the building, a new patient drop-off area, a larger waiting area, and a conveniently located blood-draw center. The project investment in the lobby expansion and exterior renovation was $2.4 million.

The hospital also now offers prenatal classes to help expecting parents prepare for childbirth. The classes provide parents with positive ways to deal with the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, as well as to inform them of what to expect at the hospital, labor options, and relaxation techniques to ease the labor and delivery process.

Additionally, a Baby Care Basics class is also offered. This class teaches safety tips and caregiving skills, such as bathing and feeding, as well as techniques to soothe a fussy baby.

The birthing center and the remodel are just two of the many ways Lovelace Westside Hospital is building on its commitment to offering Rio Rancho and Westside residents the latest in cutting-edge technology and high quality care. In addition, the hospital recently added Lovelace Bariatrics, their new medical and surgical weight loss program. Its outpatient radiology clinic, located at Westside Medical Pavilion on the campus of Lovelace Westside Hospital, features digital mammography, MRI, and two digital X-ray rooms. Another recent addition to the hospital is the Westside’s first 64-slice CT Scanner. The hospital has recently spent more than $4 million on imaging services.

For more information, visit

To smartphone or not to smartphone?

—Jason Alderman

My wife decided to upgrade her dinosaur cell phone to a “smartphone” and enlisted my help. Initially, we ran into the brick wall of decisions smartphone shoppers frequently face: How to choose among hundreds of available phones, pick the right service provider, and predict which calling and data plan and other options would best fit her needs without breaking the bank?

Here are a few things we learned:

  • What’s a smartphone? These all-in-one devices generally let you send and receive phone calls and text, e-mail, and instant messages, surf the Internet, shoot photos and video, manage and synch-up your calendar, run applications such as weather and traffic conditions, games, social networking, and maps, play music and video, and much more.
  • Reception. Reception in your home, commute, and work is a critical component when choosing a service provider. Unfortunately, signal strength, data download speed, and other factors can vary significantly from block to block.
  • Ask friends and neighbors how pleased they are with their service. Also, remember that carriers offer a grace period (generally 30 days) before an early plan termination fee kicks in, so try out all features extensively wherever you plan to use the phone.
  • No apples to apples. Many variables complicate the selection process, including:

* Some models are only available with particular service providers.

* Most smartphones use some variation of the standard “QWERTY” keyboard as a touch screen and/or raised keys located below the display or on a slide-out keyboard. Key size, spacing, and sensitivity vary widely, so try several types for comfort and ease of operation, especially if you have large hands.  

* Screen size, handset shape, weight, and battery life vary considerably, so visit carrier showrooms or an electronics store to compare phones, even if you end up purchasing online. Ask to make a few test calls, and evaluate sound quality at both ends.

* If you want to receive work e-mails and open documents, make sure the OS is compatible with your employer’s system and that you’ll be allowed to access your work network.

  • Cost considerations. Although the smartphone itself is pricey, to determine the true cost of ownership, factor in how much you’ll pay for a standard two-year carrier contract. Depending on whether you opt for limited or unlimited plans for voice minutes, text messaging, and Internet data transfer, you could rack up $80 to $150-plus in monthly operating costs.
  • Other expenses to consider: accessories (vehicle charger, Bluetooth earpiece, home charging dock, and external memory card); various monthly plan taxes and fees; software applications such as ringtones, games, on-demand TV or radio, GPS navigation; additional fees for international calls; and replacement insurance.

These additional online resources may help you decide:

  • CNET ( has a helpful cell phone buying guide, a cell phone coverage map tool for comparing cell reception in certain cities, product reviews, and other tools.
  • BillShrink ( has a cell phone service price comparison tool.
  • TeleBright ( has an online tool that compares cellular plans and phones available in the top 70 U.S. markets.

As for my wife, a friend let her borrow an LG Ally, and now she’s hooked. The Ally is sleek, powerful, and runs Google’s Android. Now, I’ve got phone envy.

GSCCC welcomes Disney Institute professional development to Albuquerque

Full-day program explores secrets of great customer service

Disney Institute is bringing its renowned professional development program, “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service,” to Albuquerque on April 6, 2011. Sponsored locally by the University of New Mexico Division of Continuing Education, the full-day event will demonstrate how anticipating and reacting to customers’ needs, wants, and emotions is an integral aspect of delivering quality service and achieving business results. 

The program will be held at the UNM Continuing Education Conference Center and will give participants new ideas for creating a service-driven organization that delivers excellence.

“Delivering great service is critical for companies looking to survive and prosper,” said Jeff James, vice president for Disney Institute. “This program is a rare opportunity for New Mexico business professionals to go inside the Disney organization and learn innovative, easy-to-implement best practices that can give them the competitive edge.”

The full-day “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service” program will give participants an “insider’s look” at business practices that have helped Disney become respected for product and service quality. In 2010, Fortune magazine recognized Disney as the world’s most admired company for quality. Participants will learn how to exceed customer expectations using a well-defined service infrastructure, ongoing research, and service standards.

“In an era where everyone is competing for business and market share, excellent customer service isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity,” James said. “This program is made for organizations—large and small—that are looking to create a service experience that exceeds customer expectations and drives repeat business.”

Program registration is $395 per person and includes all course materials plus catered breakfast, breaks, and lunch. Group discounts are available.

For more information and to register for the “Disney’s Approach to Quality Service” program, call (877) 544-2384, ext. 1, or visit

Disney Institute was created to showcase Disney best practices that easily adapt to other organizations. One of the most recognized names in professional development, Disney Institute travels the world, offering engaging seminars, workshops, and presentations, as well as fully customized programming. Immersive learning experiences are also offered at Disney destinations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, enabling participants to go behind the scenes and see firsthand how business theory drives operational excellence. The Disney Institute client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, as well as a wide range of small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. To learn more about Disney Institute, please visit,, or follow at





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