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Alix Dickey Linnartz

Alix Dickey Linnartz
March 2, 1961—January 23, 2012

A best friend remembered

—Nelli Calame

To many of you long-time Placitas residents, you knew her as Alix Benjamin. She lived in Placitas from the late 1980s until her move to Taos in the summer of 2007 with her husband Bernie. Alix was an incredible friend, mother and human being whose life ended way too soon by the ravages of cancer. 

Alix was one of the most gracious, caring and generous people I have had the privilege to know. She always had a smile for you, and saw the wonders of life in a positive light full of possibilities. Alix loved to entertain, and she opened her home to her friends for all sorts of events—formal holiday parties to casual gatherings. There are such fond memories of sunny afternoons by the pool, a casual dinner of her delicious chicken curry, or stopping by after work for a chat and a glass of wine. Alix loved hosting “girl parties”: whether it was a Pampered Chef party; inviting a group of us to her folks’ home in the valley to pick, process, and produce cherry or peach pies (a record of 48 peach pies in one day!); or one of her women’s clothing exchanges when all the gals would swap all sorts of outfits, leaving with new and wonderful additions to our wardrobes.

Alix always welcomed new acquaintances—people felt special around Alix. She had the gift to be able to converse with anyone, putting folks at ease as she was genuinely curious about them, their stories, and their lives.

Alix loved to travel with her family and friends, whether it was a shopping road trip to Phoenix, camping in the Jemez, or adventures further afar to locations all over the world. Mexico was a favorite destination—weekends in Juarez, beach trips to San Carlos, or visits to colonial cities like Oaxaca. She was a great organizer, and one of her legacies is an annual ski trip to Purgatory Mountain with many Placitas families that she helped to start in the mid-1990s. She organized our first trip to the Silverpick Lodge, where many of us will be celebrating our tenth year this March. 

Alix was an incredible mother, raising two beautiful, accomplished daughters, Ana and Callie. In her usual gracious way, she balanced her work and home responsibilities flawlessly, while always making time for her girls and friends. 

Alix was an athlete—she loved tennis, badminton, going on runs, and taking long walks. For years, she taught aerobics (free of charge) at the Placitas Elementary School as well as the Las Placitas Presbyterian Church. 

Alix met the love of her life, Bernie, and they were married in August of 2005. She was first diagnosed with cancer shortly thereafter, in October that same year. Alix never lost her incredible positive outlook on life. She started a new career in Taos, beginning as a Producer and then moving into the role Profit Center Leader of Brown & Brown Insurance for the Taos and Santa Fe offices.

Alix is missed by so many of us. She touched our lives in so many ways and was always such a joy to be around, that the world just isn’t quite as bright as it used to be. She is survived by her husband, Bernie Linnartz, children, Ana and Callie Benjamin, stepsons, Aaron and Benjamin Dunphy-Linnartz, parents, Jim and Lila Dickey, and brother, Mark Richards.

Join us for a celebration of her life on Monday, March 12, at 6:00 p.m. at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church. Bring your memories and stories of our wonderful friend, and celebrate the life of a beautiful woman. For any questions about the gathering, contact Nelli Calame (559-0673) or Sally Blanton (363-1361).

Placitas History Project begins the “Storytellers’ Oral History Initiative”

—Bob Gajkowski

Beginning in mid-March, the Placitas History Project (PHP) at the Placitas Library will offer members of our community a unique opportunity. PHP’s Storytellers’ Oral History Initiative will provide each of us a forum to share our Placitas stories with one another. Recent human occupancy in this amazing area in which we live dates back 10,000 to 12,000 years ago at the Sandia Man Cave in Las Huertas Canyon and has continued through the land grant era, the upheaval of the Sixties and Seventies, up until now—the Centennial of the our State. During these intervening years along with our families and neighbors, we have witnessed many things—large and small, mundane and monumental, passing and long lasting. These have shaped and defined our community.

Our children and grandchildren will want to know where we came from. With each day that passes, knowledge disappears as memories fade, our elders pass on, and priorities change.

The Storytellers’Oral History Initiative will record your stories in your own words, reproduce your photographs and then archive them at the Placitas Community Library. The Initiative can offer you guidance in organizing your material prior to the interview and answer any questions you might have. There is no cost for this opportunity. Your photographs and other treasures will be returned to you.

To get started, contact Bob Gajkowski at 771-0253 or leave your name and phone number at with a Librarian at the Circulation Desk. 

Town of Bernalillo invites residents to tell their stories

—Town of Bernalillo

"Do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and your children's children." —Deuteronomy 4:9

The Town of Bernalillo continues New Mexico’s Centennial celebration with a program designed to have you help us tell the story of Bernalillo. The word “storyteller” brings to mind a dramatic speaker who holds listeners spellbound with a compelling tale. But in truth, we are all storytellers. When we talk to people about our own experiences, relate the actions of others, or describe things that occurred long ago—we are telling stories.

We will be setting up a recording booth in the Southwest Reading Room at the Town of Bernalillo Martha Liebert Public Library, because we want to document the stories of Bernalillo. We want you to talk about yourselves, your histories, and the things that you know and care about. The recording booth will be set up for three people at a time, so you can have a conversation with your family and freinds. Have them talk about what it was like in Bernalillo back in the day, what they remember, how they came here. All the stories recorded will be compiled and archived in the Southwest Reading Room of the Town of Bernalillo Martha Liebert Public Library.

The recording booth should be set up by February 27. Call the library at (505) 867-1440, Monday through Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. or Saturday, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., to schedule an appointment to record your story.
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