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  My Wife and Times
Daniel Will Harris

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Positive Energy breeds  Positive Energy

By Daniel Will Harris

"The simple lie has been easier for people to swallow than the complex truth." This is the only way to explain how "values" such as lying, cheating, stealing and murder can be neatly packaged and sold as "moral" to buyers hungry to feel they're right. That's the way it is.

It's sad, but it's no good being angry. Everybody did all they could. Poor Bruce Springsteen and Eminem who I never really liked before but now greatly admire did all they could.

The simple lie has been easier for people to swallow than the complex truth. Something really big is at world in the world right now, judging from what happened in Australia and other countries, too.

(Please note, I wrote this before the massive tsunami in Asia, so I apologize for the metaphor which, while accurate, is unfortunate)

The rising of the tide of stupidity.

It's like global warming of the mind. I imagine it will become a tsunami at some point, but then, like a tsunami, it will be gone, and we'll have to clean up and move on with what's left and build something new and better to replace what was washed away.

Maybe it's like the flood in Noah's Ark, maybe this is the universe's way of cleaning house. Too bad the universe couldn't just have given each of us a can of scouring powder--it might have been faster and easier, if not as spiritually deep.

It's a painful time, but it's almost impossible to learn anything while you're in pain—I learned that when I was sick in bed for months. You only learn the lessons after the pain stops. That's what life is about. It's what I call "yet another fucking life lesson."

It's times like this when the uncertainty of the world can be a good thing.

One of the quotes my mother repeated endlessly was, "The mills of the gods grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine." I didn't used to understand what it meant. I think I do now. It's slow and painful, but it will work out....

So now, instead of spending so much energy being angry (or fearful), I'm going to use it being positive, hoping and working for the better world we can make out of the mess of this one.

I've made the decision to channel my energy into positive directions—we never know what kind of ripple effect our actions have—but we do know that positive energy breeds more positive energy.

"It's always darkest," and all that. So that must mean the dawn isn't far away.

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