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Animal Hotline is a nonprofit community service for lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo
P. O. B. 812, Placitas, NM 87043
To report a lost or found animal, Call Dave Harper at 867-6135 or e-mail

People with pets for adoption or sale should place a Signpost classified ad or consider a $5 donation to the Animal Hotline to run the information in this column. Adoptions for found animals are run in the column free as a community service. Lost and found listings are also free.

Animal Hotline Lost and Founds

—Dave Harper


Dog: Medium size "Sheepdog" mutt, female, very long white hair. Lost about 1.3 miles north of the Village of Placitas on Camino de las Huertas on April 6. #1323


Three dogs: Found in northern Bernalillo off old Highway 44. Young chow cross. Older shepherd or collie cross. 3-4 month old lab cross. Found on April 25. #1325-1327

Dog: Part beagle, brown and white, young male has been hanging around on San Clemente in Bernalillo since April 20. Very friendly. #1326

Watermelon Mountain Ranch adoptathon

On May 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and May 5 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Watermelon Mountain Ranch will hold their Adoptathon 2002. The program matches homeless pets with people who are willing to house and care for them as foster parents until they can be adopted by qualified permanent homes. These dogs and cats are often saved from “death row” at the local animal control facilities and are spayed or neutered and vaccinated as necessary.

The Adoptathon 2002 on May 5 will be held at PETsMART, 1221 Renaissance. There will be puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, a petting zoo, Rainbow llamas, alpacas, a live auction by Bob Swartz, and more—plus fun, food, and entertainment for the whole family.

The idea for Watermelon Mountain Ranch began in 1996 when concerned citizens observed the large numbers of lost and homeless animals in Placitas, Bernalillo, Rio Rancho, Corrales, the five Indian pueblos, and surrounding areas in Sandoval County. Since then, WMR has enlisted the help and support of a wide variety of animal lovers, youth workers, politicians, Native American leaders, and business people.

If you are interested in helping our needy pets at the adoptathon, call 771-0140.

P.L.A.C.I.T.A.S.—People Loving, Always Caring, Involved Together, Always Strong

—Clardel Walker

Placitas is truly what makes New Mexico the Land of Enchantment. A big thanks to everyone in Placitas who went the extra mile in helping us find our dog, Aspen, “The Miracle Dog.” What a team effort from the Placitas Mini Mart, The Merc, Windmill Mercantile, Piñon Café, Vista Video, La Bonne Vie, First State Bank in Placitas, Buttons and Bows, Tumbleweed Painting, Woodsmythe, Two Bit Farm, La Puerta Real Estate, The Home Solution, Clear Light Cedar Company, Water Prisms, Animal Hotline, Placitas Animal Rescue, Placitas Elementary School, Las Placitas Presbyterian Church, Placitas Senior Center, Placitas Post Office, Waste Management, HGT Rubbish, UPS, FedEx, Range Café, Bernalillo Animal Clinic, Sunrise Vet, El Rincon Pet Hospital, El Pueblo Health Center, Lunatique!, Edward Jones, friends, strangers, new acquaintances, and the neighbors on Perdiz Canyon Road, Canyon Apache, Gringo Gulch, and along Highway 165. The Northside Signpost was a lifesaver with all their help producing the posters we put up and the picture of Aspen and listing they put in the April issue.

What a roller coaster ride! One thing we learned is that Placitas is blessed with wonderful people from all walks of life who come together united to help find a lost dog. This miracle would not have been possible without all the prayers answered all the way from Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, and Washington D.C., and the help from all of you: P.l.a.c.i.t.a.s.—"People Loving, Always Caring, Involved Together, Always Strong." 

Our story:

After sixteen days, we received a call on Sunday evening around 8:30 p.m. from Cody Portland, who wanted to know if we had ever found our dog. This was the Sunday that Placitas was experiencing a much needed rainfall. Cody said he was sure he had seen our dog on Dome Valley Road. My husband Tom and I immediately headed for Dome Valley Road. Cody and a friend were standing in the road where they had last seen our dog. Aspen ran out in front of Cody's truck but was too scared for him to get near. Cody chased Aspen around his truck five times but could not catch her. Finally, Aspen lay down and Cody tried to throw his coat over her but she ran off into the woods. Cody's cell phone would not work from Dome Valley, so he drove back to the Placitas Mini Mart to use their pay phone to call us. Tumbleweed Painting (Jean and Sara) even came out to help us look for Aspen.

After six of us had spent two hours in the pouring rain walking through the woods calling for Aspen, everyone decided the hunt would have to resume the next morning.

Not wanting to give up, I asked Tom to drive up Dome Valley Road just one more time and lo and behold here comes Aspen out in front of our truck and lies down. We immediately got out and called her name but she was too traumatized. I had a milk bone for her and she finally crawled on her belly toward us. She had stickers and cactus stuck in her fur; her nose was crusted with dried blood; and she was very skinny. Believe it or not, she still had her collar.

On the ride home, Aspen cried and cried as if to say, "Why didn’t you come sooner?" Once home, she drank two bowls of water, gobbled food, and went straight to her bed. She slept for two days but is almost back to normal now after lots of TLC at home. Cody received the $100 reward.

On Sunday, April 22, Aspen participated in the Blessing of the Animals during Earth Sabbath at Las Placitas Presbyterian Church. She was lost, but now is found.