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Subscriptions and Ground Zero

Dear Northside Signpost:

Just realized that my subscription is about to end. Enclosed is my check for $15 for another year. I look forward to my next issue. Hope all is well in your part of the planet. N.Y.C. is slowly recovering from 9-11. I worked a block away from Ground Zero and it is still hard to accept that it is gone.


—S. Cassata
New York City


re: Goldstein thanks
(Reprinted with permission from Joel Goldstein and Ed Goldstein.)

April 8, 2002

Dear Commissioner Sapien:

As I think you know, my father, Ed Goldstein of Placitas, had a fire in his home on New Year's Eve. Janice Mortensen, Director of the Placitas Community & Senior Center, rendered pivotal assistance to us. The fact that the Community Center is so physically close to my father gives me and my sister great comfort. I know that Janice and her staff are able to keep a gentle but watchful eye on my father when he comes in from time to time for lunch. Janice and her staff are patient, understanding, clear-headed and articulate. I am sure that the Community Center's very presence provides an emotionally useful reference point for my father and the other elderly persons who use the Community Center's various services. Janice was instrumental in referring us to all the appropriate resources (including the Red Cross which, amazingly, I never would have thought of). Perhaps the most significant contribution Janice made was to refer us to Rebuilding Together.

Rebuilding Together in general, and Bernie Sullivan in particular, need a medal. Besides the many things Bernie and his group did to assist my father in getting home (painting, insulation, installation of a propane heating system, among many other tasks), Bernie's determined resolve to get things done efficiently and with my father's best interests in mind was truly a feat to behold. Bernie's work for us not only exhibited excellent craftsmanship, it was done with style and with respect. And I apologize for perhaps sounding dramatic. But it's all true. I am so grateful that my father lives in a County where people care to do the right thing.

—Joel Goldstein
Los Angeles


re: pipeline letter

[The following letter has been shortened for publication in the Signpost, as indicated by the ellipsis points.—Ed.]

April 18, 2002Mr.

Joseph Jaramillo
Realty Specialist;
U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management

Dear Mr. Jaramillo:

On April 5, 2002, Equilon joined in a motion filed in federal district court in Washington state in which Equilon asked that its indictment under the Pipeline Safety Act be dismissed because the regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of Transportation are so vague that, ”even industry experts cannot say with certainty what is required by these regulations.”

At the same time that Equilon is complaining of an inability to discern what these regulations require, Equilon is actively seeking approval of its N.M. Petroleum Products Pipeline from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) here in New Mexico. We are of the belief that the BLM usually requires that such applicants ensure full compliance with the very regulations of which Equilon's motion complains. . . . With their 44-year-old currently idled pipeline within 600 feet of our elementary school, Equilon's confession that pipeline safety regulations are beyond its ability to understand is disquieting to say the least. . . .

In view of this development, Citizens for Safe Pipelines calls on the BLM to require a written sworn statement from Equilon to be made part of the administrative record of the EIS that explains how it would propose to comply with the Pipeline Safety Act if it cannot discern what is required. Alternatively, the BLM could hold a public hearing in which Equilon testifies on the record as to how it would comply with regulations that it cannot understand.

—Carol M. Parker
Vice President
Citizens for Safe Pipelines